Optimize Knowledge Management in 4 Easy Steps

By Dwayne Weppler - August 9, 2018

Knowledge is everywhere in today’s workplace, but it’s not always easy to find, use, and share. There’s no value in unused information and insight, and searching for hard-to-find data can hinder efficiency. Consider this alarming finding: about one-third of employees have avoided sharing a document with a colleague because it would take too long to access it.[1]  This is why knowledge management is so important.

Optimize Knowledge Management in 4 Easy Steps

Knowledge management is the way organizations capture, store, and share all types of information – from traditional data and documents to employee conversations, ideas, and experience. Depending on the strength of your knowledge management strategy, this wealth of information will either fuel productivity and innovation or sit idle and trapped.

Finding ways to harness the vast quantity of knowledge within a company can be overwhelming. That’s why Igloo created A Guide to Knowledge Management in Today’s Digital Workplace. In it, you’ll find practical tips and strategies to solve your current – and future – knowledge management challenges.

A recent McKinsey survey found employees spend an average of 9 hours each week searching for information.

Maximizing knowledge in the new workplace
Several factors in today’s work environment have combined to make knowledge management highly complex, including:

  • An increasingly mobile, dispersed workforce
  • The expanding number of apps used for work
  • The intensifying digital information overload

If you’re struggling to rein in your organization’s knowledge in this fragmented landscape, you’re not alone.

How to create the best conditions for knowledge management
In the guide, you’ll learn about four key domains that are worth investing in if you want to improve knowledge management at your organization. You’ll also discover simple tactics that will help get employees onboard. (Sneak peek: one effective approach is to make knowledge management solutions fun and social).

  1. Demonstrate management buy-in
    Find out how to support and promote knowledge management from the top.
  2. Put the right knowledge in the right place
    Discover the importance of locating knowledge in the proper context.
  3. Foster a knowledge-sharing culture
    Learn three effective methods for building a knowledge-sharing environment.
  4. Use technology to optimize knowledge management
    See how a central digital destination can bring together all types of knowledge to solve critical business problems.

Find out 5 ways to demonstrate the ROI of improved knowledge management. (Sneak peek: Track the time employees spend hunting for information and sorting through their inboxes.)

The power of a single digital destination for knowledge management
Best-of-breed apps can boost employee productivity in the short term, but an accumulation of standalone apps soon creates information silos. With a unified digital destination, you can:

  • Create one authoritative source of truth
  • Surface content from third-party apps
  • Provide powerful search capabilities
  • Embed knowledge exchange into workflows
  • Preserve and promote meaningful conversations and storytelling

And much more . . .  (Sneak peek: Find out how a Governance Center can increase employee uptake of business-critical information.)

Ready to get all the details?

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[1] State of the Digital Workplace Survey, 2018, Igloo Software