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The holidays are for giving. They're also a good time to do some necessary tidying up around the workplace. Consider these digital gifts as a way to help you do just that.

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Employee engagement is increasingly at the forefront of the discussion around organizational performance, and most of that discussion is not positive. George Dickson from Bonusly talks about the importance of employee recognition in reigning in an increasingly disengaged workforce.

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As new employee onboarding and software user onboarding converge, Pendo's Michael Peach explains five key principles to optimizing both experiences.

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Most companies have an org chart, and most people use it on a regular basis. You browse the org chart to find information for a specific purpose – usually when someone joins the company, to put a face to a name, to look up contact information, or any time you need to get in touch with someone or find important information about work.

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We're excited to announce we've made the list for the second year in a row, with 138 percent revenue growth.

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This week we’re celebrating our most recent accolade, being named the Best Intranet Software by CMS Critic.

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If you work at a start-up or SMB you may be thinking: my company doesn’t need an intranet. We’re too small. An intranet is something for corporate offices, not for environments like the one you work in. We communicate and collaborate just fine. Our question to you: do you have a central place to store all the content, knowledge, and expertise your employees need to be productive and engaged at work?

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Progressive companies are turning to digital workplace strategies to prepare for the next wave of business. And modern, social intranets are becoming the tool of choice to help them realize this vision.

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In the second part of our series, we explore the business challenge of knowledge management. Find out how three modern knowledge-sharing practices can result in some serious benefits for your company.

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In this four-part series, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the top challenges organizations face that can be alleviated by a modern intranet. In the first part of the series, we’ll talk about the issues companies are facing with collaboration.

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