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How to Build Intranet Engagement During the Holiday Season

Diana May

December 3, 2019 · 2 min read
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The holiday season can be a fun time for companies, as there’s often a lot going on. Between parties, year-end celebrations, team potlucks and gift exchanges and off-site events, many employees look forward to this time of year.

But with everything going on, have you stopped to think about how you might be able to channel this energy and excitement into building employee and intranet engagement?

If not, you’re in the right place. (And if you think you have, we’d recommend you keep reading anyway.) Read on for a few ways to build engagement on your intranet throughout the holiday season.

Let your intranet do the heavy lifting

The end of the year is for closing off projects and getting ready for a fresh start in January. So, no one wants more emails in their inbox. With modern intranet capabilities, there’s no need to send out a separate invitation and RSVP form for every different holiday event.

Instead, keep track of everything that’s going on around the holidays by updating a calendar on your intranet. Post holiday announcements on your company blog and direct employees back to the calendar for the specifics about each event or activity.

By keeping it all in one place, everyone wins. You get increased traffic to the intranet and employees don’t have to keep track of five different emails.

Digitally supplement the festivities

What’s a potluck without an ugly sweater contest? Share your holiday events on the intranet and get the whole company involved.

If it’s an ugly sweater contest, post the photos and invite people to vote. Or maybe it’s a photo slideshow from the holiday party. Post it online so that those who couldn’t make it – or employees in other locations – can still be part of the fun.

By incorporating a digital component into your holiday event planning, you can make sure everyone has a chance to participate – and you can pave the way for future employee engagement events and programs.

Focus on inclusivity

This is a big one. The holiday season isn’t just about Christmas trees and centuries-old traditions. Talk to your employees and find out what and how they celebrate. Whether it’s different cultures or traditions, create ways to ensure everyone feels represented at your holiday events.

There are so many different holidays around this time of year, including Hanukkah, Kwanza and Chinese New Year, just to name a few. Work these different holidays into your communication strategies by featuring them on the intranet – with blog articles, interactive polls, and even a themed home page design.

Before you can worry about engaging employees online, you have to start by including them and making sure everyone is given the opportunity to participate.

12 more ways to celebrate the season

Increased intranet engagement during the holidays is the gift that keeps on giving – all year long. If employees get comfortable navigating and using the intranet for fun and social purposes, they might just start to envision how its features and capabilities can enhance their daily workflows.

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