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An Intranet You'll Actually Like

Features you'll want to write home about.

A whole suite of features so good and comprehensive you'll tell your mom about it when you call her (and you should).

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Every organization needs a platform to communicate with their employees. A way to keep everyone on the same page. Control your message and keep it engaging, from video to rich images, anything is possible.

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Organize your team, or your whole company. Integrate with your Outlook, or your Google Calendar. The power of the shared community calendar is only a question of what scale you give it.

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File sharing

Sharing documents is where most collaboration initiatives start. And Igloo will allow you to manage the whole process, from ideation and review, to approval and publishing.

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We all have questions, and even though we're taught that there's no such thing as a stupid question, some can be intimidating to ask. Provide your employees with a comfortable environment to be puzzled.

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In a modern intranet, everyone has a voice. It's just a question of how you use it, from a virtual water cooler, to crowd sourcing information and asking quick questions, a little bit of conversation can spur productivity.

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Technology will never get rid of the checklist. However, it sure can make it better, and this is exactly what we strive to do here, with easy-to-assign tasks and templates for frequently used processes.

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Knowledge management is at the core of many processes, and every company needs a place where employees know they can find the truth. This will allow you to organize and classify this information, in an easy to browse interface.

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People directory

It's important to have the right people at the table, but sometimes they're difficult to find. Having a powerful tool to locate experts and connect with peers can make the difference between success and failure.

I have 99 problems but my intranet ain't one.

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From CEO blog to employee chatter, communication is the core of a healthy culture.

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Empower your teams, get them working together no matter what department they’re in.

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Store things where people will know to look. One place, not maybe email, maybe that file share.

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Get approvals and tasks flowing as they should be. Otherwise you’re just talking about work.

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Our customers love us.

Because we understand their company cultures.

"Feedback from Igloo's reference customers was consistently positive."


"The Igloo platform has allowed our marketing team to do so much more online that much quicker (& cheaper!). We absolutely love it!"

Kate Kablash, Artez Interactive

"I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how easy it was to use."

Starkey Industries

"It's awesome that users can select their language of choice, and translate their content on the fly. And on top of that, everyone really loves it. It's very easy to use."

Ann Patterson, Digital Opportunity Trust

"I'm so deeply in love with @igloosoftware. Team collaboration/intranet brilliance that’s a joy to use, and honestly, we’ve tried dozens."

Jenni Sargent, Eyewitness Media Hub via Twitter

"@IglooSoftware I don't like the software,I love it! So glad we chose #igloo."

Joshua Ward, Insight via Twitter
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