Igloo + You

Igloo + You


Igloo puts the power in your hands

You have full control over your notifications, subscriptions, profile and more.

We believe the best way to keep you using your digital workplace is to allow you to control your own work.


Follow content, get notifications

Igloo allows you to follow individual pieces of content. This means you get a notification when changes are made - like if a new version of a document gets uploaded, someone comments on a blog post, or someone downloaded your latest TPS report.

Manage your subscriptions

When you have a large organization, it can be hard to keep updated on what's going on. By subscribing to content you can get notified of changes to important documents, like an SOP or brand standards.

You can set notifications for instant, daily, weekly or monthly.

The mini profile card appears when users hover over your profile picture - like if you write a microblog post

Get yourself noticed

It's easy to feel anonymous inside a large organization. Keeping your profile updated helps people know who you are and where you came from. And when you leave a comment, profiles help to provide some context for your feedback.

It's also a great way to get to know everyone else in your company, especially if you work in multiple locations.

Connect within your organization

When you add contacts inside your digital workplace you get a broader view into their workflow. Your personal dashboard can bet set up to only show content from your contacts, making it easy to see what they're saying, what they're working on, or even if they're online. It's a great networking tool for the enterprise.

I'm there for you. Except right now.

Your online status can help let other know what you're working on, if you're available for interruptions or need some work time. You can also enter a custom message to bring a bit of humour into your day.


Send a direct message.

Email overload is takes a toll on productivity. Direct messages allow you to communicate within the your digital workplace without cluttering your inbox. You can even attach files or reference documents inside the platform.


Bookmarks for you.

Get quick access to documents in your digital workplace, or external links, like a favorite website. When you add a bookmark it gets saved in the user bar for quick access.

Bookmarks for everyone.

Community-wide bookmarks are set up by your Igloo administrator. These community bookmarks give you links to important information - such as directories, handbooks, or webmail.



Drafts are a great way to save your work for later or to co-author documents inside your digital workplace. For example, you can start writing a blog post, save it as a draft and invite a co-worker to edit it before you publish. Delegation has never been easier!



Moderation is available for blog and wiki articles or forum posts. When you write in a moderated channel, Publish is replaced by Send To Moderator. Moderator's get notifications that a new article is pending. When in review, moderators can publish your article, edit it, send you notes, or add co-authors to further collaboration.


The personal dashboard is all about you

If your Igloo administrator enables Personal Dashboards, you can set up a private area just for you. Admins can provide a template for personal dashboards, which applies to everyone in the community. Don't like the way they set it up? You can make your own, and bring in the widgets you want with the content you're following. It's a great way to get a personal view in larger organizations.


Privacy. How much you share is up to you.

Staff directories can be great, but sometimes your preferred communication method isn't the one that is listed. With granular controls of what information is public, and to whom, you're able to control who's able to clutter your voicemail or email inbox.

Your Igloo administrator will set up default permissions for the whole community, but you can change them to reflect your personal privacy settings later.


Only you can see this information.*

Only community members who you have added as a connection will be able to see this.

You may want to use this with hybrid communities that have an internal and external component. This way you can show your phone number to contacts, but not to your broader customer base.

All members of your community can see this.

In public facing communities, like a customer support centre, anyone can see this information, including anonymous users.

* System administrators have access to any account information


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