A SharePoint alternative

SharePoint is too expensive

Getting SharePoint running, on-premise or in the cloud, comes with a host of hidden costs.


$27.28 for SharePoint licenses, hardware, and miscellaneous software, plus $19.26 for each full-time IT staff member to manage SharePoint


For Igloo license, hosted service and maintenance


SharePoint is more than license fees

License fees make for an easy surface-level comparison between vendors. But that's not the number you'll see in your year-end budget review. The real cost of ownership can include hardware, third-party software, and vendors to make it all work - plus internal staff to manage and maintain your SharePoint installation.  Very quickly your costs become unmanageable.

Igloo is all-in

Igloo comes with everything you need: for one monthly fee, we provide the hosting, software, and maintenance. In fact, you get free updates and new features every 90 days. You're always on the latest version.

Our only added fees are for one-time Professional Services, such as a Jumpstart package, and on-going customer support based on your business needs.

The SharePoint Challenge: A Road Paved With Good Intentions

SharePoint requires too many resources

Hardware and software engineers, project managers, third party developers, internal SharePoint IT managers... the list goes on.


do not have enough staff


experience staffing shortfalls for development

Our customers agree

"We would never have the devoted, specialized team that a SharePoint installation requires, nor would we get buy-in from staff with such a complicated tool."

Kenneth Fonzi, Associate Director of Online Information Systems, Children's Hospital Foundation



find the initial rollout of SharePoint to be difficult or very difficult

Rolling out SharePoint requires that your software and hardware infrastructure is installed, configured and architected properly, and that your solution is designed and branded to meet your needs. Depending on your business, this might be done using your own resources, or with one or more Microsoft solution provider.

Igloo is a turn-key solution - we do everything in-house.  Not only do we create, host, and manage our platform, but we consult, architect, design and implement your intranet. And our team stays with you through your intranet's lifecycle.


find managing content updates to be difficult or very difficult

Poor initial setup, disconnected SharePoint sites, and a confluence of third party apps leads to a SharePoint infrastructure that makes it difficult to find, share and collaborate around content. Read more in the Osterman report ›

Igloo makes managing content simple.  With built-in version management and notifications for all content types, audience-specific publishing, an easy-to-use permission model, collaborating together around your work has never been easier.

How Igloo helps

Your success is what matters most to us. That's why we're here to help from your initial search, to consulting, implementation, and support. We do it all under one roof to keep things simple.


You built it, and they didn't come

The road to SharePoint is paved with good intentions: employee engagement, knowlege sharing, and improved collaboration. But if the tools are too hard for the average employee to use, adoption suffers.


cite end user training and lack of comfort as an inhibitor to using SharePoint

Our customers agree

"Since Igloo was so easy to use and customize, not only were we able to set up quickly, but we were also able to get everyone trained and up to speed in no time."

Anne Patterson, Community Manager
Digital Opportunity Trust


Igloo is designed for people

Igloo is focused on making it easy and familiar to work with your coworkers and customers. Our app-based structure is inspired by consumer services, bringing familiar tools like blogs, file sharing, and forums to the enterprise. Everything is social. And old-school team members can interact with the entire system using email.

Technology is the easy part

If you thought implementing your SharePoint instance was difficult, it pales in comparison to getting people to use it. With Igloo, not only can you leave the technology up to us, but getting people to use it every day is what we do best.  Igloo is familiar, easy, and inviting. 

1 in 3 organizations saw
no improvement by using SharePoint
(or things actually got worse).

Resources for adoption

Our team is here for you before and after you launch your new intranet. Check out some of our resources or learn why customers and analysts keep saying our customer service sets us apart.


SharePoint needs other apps

SharePoint doesn't do everything you need out of the box: so you add one web app, and then another, and soon you're managing an accidental cloud of point solutions - many of them not designed for the enterprise.


of organizations that use SharePoint also use DropBox

Only 6% of organizations rely solely on SharePoint

Our customers agree

"We relied on Dropbox and email. This led to painful instances as well since members would be working on the wrong version of a file..."

Becky Higgins, Marketing Manager
Cloud Standards Customer Council


Why does SharePoint need to be supplemented?

90% of respondents feel that SharePoint is being used as nothing more than a glorified file share. To do anything more you need third party tools, vendors, and integrations. Bolting-on more apps, bolting-on social features, adding more fees and places for everything to break.

How do you manage BYOA?

You might not see Bring Your Own App policies as a problem, but the average midsize business has 7-10 point solution apps. How you handle user-selected apps not only impacts your security and IT policies, but also employee morale. If the tools are too difficult or regimented to use, employees will find a way to use a third party tool.

The solution: give them a platform that's complete with what they need, and as good (or better) than the stand alone alternatives.

Igloo has built-in apps: Easy enough for everyone to use, but securely developed and structured for the enterprise.


Start building your Igloo ›

It's free to use with up to ten people

Book a demo ›

We're available for 15, 30, and 60-minute product demos

SharePoint doesn't play nice with mobile devices

The whole world's gone mobile. Building support for great experiences without sacrificing security is the key to getting your employees out of consumer services and back into your intranet.


of organizations with SharePoint say SharePoint falls short when supporting mobile devices

This is a problem. Here's why:


1 in 5 office employees rely on their tablet or smartphone.
It jumps to 9 in 10 when commuting or travelling.



of mobile professionals rely on their tablet or smartphone for work every day.

What do mobile professionals
access on their devices?



Social media for work

Team collaboration

Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q4 2011. Get the report ›

Igloo is designed to be mobile.

Igloo has built-in responsive design, which means the page layout and design adapt to fit the device you're using. You can even save a shortcut to your Home screen on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It looks just like an app, with a custom icon. No app stores to get approval from, download, or train users on. It's your beautiful, branded Intranet, optimised for mobile.

We also have an app for iOS and Android optimized for finding content quickly on the go.


The SharePoint alternative evaluation kit

Considering an alternative to SharePoint? We've created this resource kit to help you learn more about your options.

What's in the kit?

  • Osterman Research:
    The SharePoint Challenge: A Road Paved With Good Intentions
  • Frost & Sullivan:
    Product Leadership award for enterprise social networking
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant:
    Igloo's position in the Magic Quadrant for Social Software
  • Nucleus Research:
    A case study profile of Siegel+Gale

Download the kit

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