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Smart businesses are realizing the value of cultivating a people-powered workplace. Your people are your company’s most important asset. Keep them engaged and they’ll be more productive, creative, and supportive of the company culture, mission, and values.

Why should organizations care about culture and engagement? Because when everyone’s working together and has a voice, it’s good for business. A corporate culture that encourages participation and collaboration from employees across the organization translates into a happier, more productive workforce.

Get people talking, sharing, and innovating

By putting people first, and building an engaging sense of community, you’ll create a digital destination that connects your entire organization, no matter where your employees are. You’ll open up lines of communication and foster a rich organizational culture.

Igloo promotes meaningful collaboration in project spaces, team rooms, and departmental spaces. So you can see just how powerful collective employee wisdom can be.

In today’s social world, hierarchies and barriers are obsolete. Igloo fosters connections with senior leadership by creating a place where employees can find out all they want to know about the people at the top – and even comment on their blogs

Plus, Igloo customer success teams partner with you to create those purposeful communities. We’ll also work with you to set measurable goals to help solve your most prevalent business challenges quickly and effectively.

"Igloo was amazing in that they were able to map to our needs. Deployment was a quick and painless process. Since Igloo was so easy to use and customize, not only were we able to set up quickly, but we were also able to get everyone trained and up to speed in no time."

– Anne Patterson, Community Manager, Digital Opportunity Trust

Solutions to your culture and engagement challenges

Igloo’s intuitive, configurable, easy-to-use platform and ready-made solutions help you solve the challenges you face every day – and the ones that haven’t come up yet.

Watch the webinar: 5 Ways to Build a Better Corporate Culture and Engage Employees

This webinar is focused on the 5 ways that you can tackle this issue and experience the benefits of cultural success in your organization.

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