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Resources to help you learn about social business, make a choice and back it up.

Read an industry analyst report (on us), download a white paper (from us) or watch a webinar (about us) to learn how we can help you create the best collaboration experience for your team.

Information kits wrapped in a tidy little .ZIP file.

Social Intranets

  • 7 Benefits of Cloud Collaboration
  • What Makes an Intranet Useful
  • AIIM Report - Enterprise Q&A Initiatives
  • Case Study - Digital Opportunity Trust

Sales & Marketing Collaboration

  • 7 Benefits of Cloud Collaboration
  • How Marketers Socialize
  • AIIM Report - Connecting Sales & Marketing

Customer Communities

  • 7 Benefits of Cloud Collaboration
  • State of Community Management
  • Gleanster Report - Customer Communities
  • AIIM Report - Fostering Innovation
  • Case Study - Green Grass One

Featured analyst reports that are insightful and (best of all) free.

Document AIIM Industry Watch – Social Business Systems
A special AIIM Task Force explores the evolution, benefits and key success factors for implementing social business technologies.
Document AIIM Industry Watch - The SharePoint Puzzle
The study based on the responses from 551 organizations identified a lack of expertise, lack of strategic plans and resistance from users as the top three most prevalent business issues associated with SharePoint.
Document Forrester Research - Capture The Benefits Of A Next Generation Intranet Portal
A Technology Adoption Profile on the importance of next generation tools.
Document Forrester Research – Technology Adoption Profile
A how-to guide for turning the convergence of social, mobile and cloud computing into a competitive advantage for your business.
Document Guide_to_Intranet_Engagement.pdf

White papers that are neither long nor boring (just for a change of pace).

Document 7 Benefits of Collaborating in the Cloud
How a modern approach to business collaboration can help you see better results.
Document Content Still Rules - But Context is King
The importance of context and control in social collaboration.
Document Dow Brook Advisory Services - More Than an Activity Stream
Document How Marketers Socialize at Work
The 3 ways marketers socialize: with people, content and their teams.
Document Infographic - How the $#!% do I use social business apps?
Document Social Networking: On the Ground or in the Cloud?
Analyzing the TCO of open source versus SaaS-based social business software.
Document The Social Intranet
Document The Social Side of Project Management
The top 5 benefits of using social technologies to help successfully lead a project.
Document White Paper - Security Overview.pdf
This white paper provides an overview of the Igloo security framework.
Document Whitepaper - Disaster Recovery.pdf
Document Whitepaper - The business value of a modern intranet
Document Why ECM and Social Should Coexist
How to balance centralized content storage with a decentralized approach to collaboration.

Recorded webinars that you can watch on-demand.

Golin's intranet journey - Meet Simon

Golin shares their journey, lessons learned, and best practices for getting your teams on board with a new intranet.

Building a Modern Intranet

In this Spiceworks partner webinar, learn how to build an intranet on a budget.

5 Steps for Choosing the Right Social Business Software

Learn how one global consultancy managed an in-depth vendor evaluation process

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