Your first foray into intranets may lead you in different directions. Just know you can always come back here to find guides, reports, articles, and other resources to help you with your project.


A day in the life

Finally, a platform your employees will embrace. See the power of Igloo in a real-life work setting.

An intranet you'll actually like

Still living in 2007? Simplify collaboration and make everyone’s lives easier with Igloo  IT guy (or gal) approved.  

Versions, versions

Have trouble collaborating on documents and managing versions? Toss out your old hair-pulling software and switch to Igloo.


Inefficient office? Poor communication? All you want to do is update people on your progress. It can be painless – with Igloo.

Reports & Guides

Guide to Intranet Return on Investment

The value of an intranet comes from the collaboration it enables, not the technology itself. This whitepaper provides a simple framework for identifying, analyzing, and communicating the business value of a new intranet project.

Guide to Intranet Engagement

Launching is the easy part. Creating a community that people want to be part of is where the real work comes in. In this guide, Igloo experts provide quick and simple strategies to increase engagement on your intranet.

Forrester Technology Adoption Profile

Many organizations are turning to cloud solutions to address their knowledge management and collaboration challenges. In this report, Forrester Consulting evaluates collaboration tools, with a specific focus on intranet portals.

Guide to Knowledge Management

A modern intranet plays a key role in circulating knowledge. This guide provides helpful tips for introducing knowledge-sharing practices in your organization.

Guide to Corporate Communications

Communication is more than just a monthly newsletter. This 6-page guide is full of tips and tricks to help you create compelling stories and enable meaningful conversations inside your organization using a modern intranet solution.

Office Culture Infographic

We surveyed 1,000 office workers to get a better idea of which characteristics define the common workplace. Questions revolved around social interaction, age differences, and communication effectiveness.

Meeting Pet Peeves Infographic

We asked 1,000 people who have worked in an office environment on how they feel about meetings, covering everything from buzzwords ("think outside the box") to conference calls.

Igloo Integrations Data Sheet

Learn how your existing cloud apps can work within your modern intranet to create a hub for your business, and communicate and collaborate on a whole new level.

Getting the message

We surveyed 2,000 office workers to understand how they use and feel about email.We’ve also outlined some best practices and email clutter-busters.

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