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Igloo Flex Product Tour

Curious why so many market leading organizations use Igloo to activate their workforce? See for yourself in our upcoming product tour!


This 15-minute product tour will give you a high-level overview of the platform,  showing you how Igloo helps bridge the employee experience gap between frontline and desked workers. An intranet should support every employee’s role-specific needs in a single platform, and we’re excited to show you how Igloo does exactly that.

Learn how Igloo's digital tools accelerate your digital workday

UX Personalization

Personalizes everyone’s experience with role-specific information

Integration Support

Native support for your favorite apps provides easy access to payroll, shift swapping, HR systems, and more.


Streamlined Communications

Deliver targeted updates strategically using modern, AI-powered communications tools.

Policy Compliance

Deliver policies more effectively, and follow up with stragglers to improve your acknowledgment rate.

How are Igloo customers getting ahead?

Learn how Saje Natural Wellness improves productivity and culture across the entire organization with Igloo’s help.