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Streamline everyone's day with AI assistants in the workplace

The Igloo Digital Assistant is your way to help every employee achieve more in less time. This AI-powered personal assistant accelerates the repetitive tasks we all fight with every day, allowing us to focus on the work that matters without the digital friction.

Meet the AI chatbot that makes work easier

The Igloo Digital Assistant is a chatbot that follows your employees around the digital workplace, always ready to step up and help with routine but time-consuming tasks. By integrating with your various business systems, your personal AI can offer instant answers to the questions and requests that would typically slow us down.

More productivity, less stress

By eliminating the time every employee wastes bouncing between apps, searching for information, managing notifications, and completing repetitive tasks, the Igloo Digital Assistant helps employees focus on the work only they know how to do. With this renewed focus comes increased productivity and efficiency, and reduced stress and burnout.


Frontline employee: Quickly check pay stub details using the Igloo Digital Assistant after reviewing the restaurant’s news feed, all without downloading or logging into any separate apps.


Desked employee: Use the Igloo Digital Assistant to check the company’s time-off policy and vacation balance before planning for the summer, all from the digital workplace.


HR leader: Get notifications in the digital assistant and review employees’ expense reports after they return from a conference, approving or denying the requests promptly.


IT leader:  Since employees can self-serve IT tickets right in the digital workplace, your IT team has more time to watch for network issues, resulting in better performance and fewer data breaches.


Internal comms. manager: Send out a company-wide announcement to recognize the latest promotions, allowing everyone to extend their congratulations.

The easiest way to access all your apps

Harvard Business Review found that the average worker loses five working weeks each year just jumping from one application or platform to another. The more apps, the more context-switching, and the less focus on your job. Why not delegate those tasks to the Igloo Digital Assistant, and free your employees up to get more done?


Harvard Business Review, How Much Time and Energy Do We Waste Toggling Between Applications?


A better way to work, no matter the job

Just like the rest of the Igloo platform, the Igloo Digital Assistant is designed to support the needs of office workers and frontline teams alike. See how your employees can get more done with the Igloo Digital Assistant.

Distraction-free work on the frontlines

Igloo Digital Assistant keeps the focus on the assembly line, the customer, or the repair job at hand by connecting employees directly to the answers they need in an instant. The Igloo Digital Assistant can lead your frontline workers right to the latest schedule with notifications in the mobile app; or, new team members can find relevant training policies or SOPs from their phone, getting them back to work faster, and better informed.

More ways Igloo supports the frontlines

Smoother workflows in the office

Shift focus from low-level tasks to high-value objectives with help from the Igloo Digital Assistant. Office workers lose countless hours each week just looking for the information and resources they need to achieve their goals; by relying on the Igloo Digital Assistant to manage those trivial tasks, your employees can produce solutions and valuer faster, and with less effort.

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