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Mobile is an important part of our lives, and nowhere is this more evident than our workday. We routinely use mobile to communicate, collaborate, and get work done. But we're moving on from email. We're moving away from cramming everything in our inbox and then trying to find it later. Trying to organize in folders, sending links to ourselves – these are habits of the inbox that are destined for the trash bin.

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Building on a long track record of supporting healthcare organizations, Igloo now provides additional peace of mind, and the ability to host protected health information (PHI), by meeting HIPAA standards across our entire organization. We have gone above-and-beyond to build internal processes, develop product enhancements, and implement dedicated HIPAA training for all staff that allows us to proudly comply with HIPAA regulations.

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We’re on our way to wrapping up our “Kudos for Community Managers” blog series. Next up: Debbie Kwan from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer shares her secrets on community engagement and evolution.

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We’re part way through our “Kudos for Community Managers” blog series, and we’re continuing the celebration by sharing some tricks of the trade from Cartwright’s community manager, Rich Bennett.

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