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Igloo is proud to sponsor the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) World Conference for the fourth year in a row.


You’re about to start a project that has a design component and you may or may not speak in colors, fonts, and graphics. How will you communicate what you need? Unfortunately, we aren’t all telepathic (but how cool would that be?) so, instead, you’ll need to work with your design team to put together a handy little document called a creative brief.

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Take away the internal complications and difficulties when hiring candidates and get the best people on board as quickly as possible.

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Introducing a new tool or system at work is a big feat if your co-workers aren’t on board. But it’s not impossible, so keep at it. Try not to focus on the novelty of the solution and all its features. Instead, show them how it will make their lives easier.

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