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To really focus on the growth of your online community, factors such as community traffic, activity, number of users, etc., are important, but delving deeper may prove more valuable. Monitoring activity within your online community means you are analyzing, understanding and responding to conversations about brands, products, reputation and end-user opinion. How do you monitor this information?

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Online communities fail when their attributes of collaboration and co-development are in conflict with the culture and values that drive the larger organization. How do we define community success and what makes an online community successful?

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Can Social Networks Solve the Great Dilemma?

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Depending on the type of community you are launching, you may need to target different audiences in different ways. Developing specific and relevant messaging for the different target audiences of the community is essential for a successful community launch campaign.

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Any online community requires forethought and careful planning, ensuring the success of the online community by thinking strategically to establish an online presence. A vision statement serves as a guideline for the community’s future strategic decisions. It simply answers the question, "Where do we want to go?"

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