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Finally, an intranet
built for both desked and frontline workers

Bridge the employee experience gap between frontline and desked workers with an intranet that supports every employee's role-specific needs in a single platform. No matter how you work, a tailored experience is always the key to higher engagement and better outcomes.

Next-generation Intranet: Igloo Digital Workplace Solutions

The power of one

Workplace technology is typically designed for either the frontline or desked employees, but Igloo is changing that. Before Igloo, the multiple platforms needed to train, engage, and communicate across different employee types guaranteed an expensive and disjointed experience. Meeting every employee’s needs on Igloo’s centralized platform simplifies operations, decreases costs, and improves the work experience for everyone.

Trying to empower a more traditional, desked workforce? Our desked platform is trusted by over 1 million users in-office and remotely.

Train, engage, retain, and perform

Train: Shorten the distance between hiring and productivity with role-specific onboarding experiences designed to boost performance.


Engage: Bring frontline and office workers onto the same page with targeted communication tools that enable stronger feedback and collaboration.


Retain: Improve everyone's connection to the company and each other with tools that drive conversations, improve safety, and streamline daily tasks.


Perform: Reduce downtime, shrink costs, and improve revenue with a solution that makes it easier for your employees to do their best work, together.

Give your people the tools to become part of the solution

Every employee comes to your intranet with a different set of needs and abilities. By supporting the many different ways people contribute to and gain from your intranet, Igloo offers powerful and effective ways for each of them to participate in a solution that enhances collaboration across your company.

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