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Our moms say we're the best

From the start, our product had to be easy to use, fast to deploy, and beautiful to look at.

That was and has been the thought behind every single step we've taken since our company was founded.

You count the years of a tech company in dog years. That means we're an established player in this industry.

We were born out of the Centre for International Governance Innovation. The name of the organization is as high minded as its goals. Igloo was born out of the desire to achieve something a little more down to earth: connect people in businesses, allow them to share information, and to work together more efficiently.

Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) Waterloo, Ontario
(Photographer: Maris Mezulis)

We think all our apps are awesome

But you can pick and choose. We won't hold it against you.

Our intranet platform is whatever you need it to be

We'll work with you to figure out what that means.

We strive to be your trusted advisor

Yes, everyone says that, we actually have the tools to deliver.

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Dan Latendre


Dan Latendre | CEO

Our resident movie buff, he has a soft spot for the 1988 classic starring Bette Midler, Beaches. If that isn't enough to convince you of his high-level management skills, he also has played key roles in the success of Canadian tech pioneers such as MKS, Delrina, and OpenText. While there, he launched products like the first wireless internet access package, first commercial search engine for the web, and the first web-based intranet application. In 2004, he became the CIO of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). There, he developed a technology that would later become the basis of Igloo. When your first client is the United Nations, you better believe things are gonna be serious.

Andrew Dixon

SVP, Sales & Marketing

Andrew Dixon | SVP, Sales & Marketing

When Andrew isn't being mistaken for Kevin Bacon (come on, we know you thought about it), he is in charge of the company's go-to-market strategy and operations. Before he came on board, he worked for 18 years at Microsoft, you might have heard of them, they're pretty huge. He oversaw countless product launches for them, as well as managed their PR and marketing on a national level. He's instrumental in the success of Igloo, and he's committed to make us even bigger than his previous employer.

Mark Stevenson

VP, Finance

Mark Stevenson | VP, Finance

During his free time, Mark cycles long distances, does duathlons, and makes us question exactly how in shape we think we are. However, we're really happy to have him around, as he manages the money for Igloo. He is a chartered accountant, and has worked in the Canadian and U.S. markets, both for large companies and early-stage technology start-ups. We're kind of a mix of both of those right now, so he's a perfect fit.

Joe Capka

VP, Technology

Joe Capka | VP, Technology

Joe met his wife while rollerblading around Amsterdam, yeah, you read that right. On top of having one of the cutest beginning of romance stories, he's been working with web technology for two decades. He owned his own successful consulting practice, worked for cutting-edge design agencies and for global multinationals, he's done it all. He is our technological whiz kid, our own Internet wunderkind.


Justin King

Director, Sales

Justin King | Director, Sales

Justin once competed in the Scottish Highland games in the caber toss category (do yourself a favor, google that, it's awesome). He has 12 years of international sales and marketing experience, and he honed his craft while developing the Enterprise business at another successful Canadian tech company, Desire2Learn. He's now in charge of bringing our entire sales and business development operations to the next level.

Steve Jones

Director, Client Services

Steve Jones | Director, Client Services

Steve is another great addition to our team of "people who have spent many years in another trailblazing Canadian tech company". That category is getting fairly big. He spent 8 years working in technical support operations at BlackBerry. His experience managing customer implementations and support around the globe will be a great skill to have as we grow bigger and bigger.

Christine Ley

Director, Human Resources

Christine Ley | Director, Human Resources

Christine lived in Japan for two years, and while there, climbed Mount Fuji overnight to reach the summit at sunrise. You know, no biggie, we all did that, right? Before she came on board, she grew the staff of a business unit of the publicly traded Linamar by 500%. Sure it was a different industry, but tech goes even faster than that. She'll help us find the best and brightest as we keep expanding.

Aneil Singh

VP, Technology Operations

Aneil Singh | VP, Technology Operations

We're gonna be honest, we hired Aneil off the fame he acquired for starring in a beer commercial in the 90's. Okay no, we hired him because he is the best IT guy we've ever had. He oversees all our data center operations, and considering our business model, that is quite the job. He's been working in IT for about 20 years, even before the cloud was a thing. That means he knows it in and out, and he applies that knowledge every day in his role at Igloo.

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