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Igloo works on any device.

Work doesn't have to stop when you’re out of the office. Igloo is accessible through virtually any web browser, on any device. So you can stay in touch and keep projects moving, wherever you are.

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Go big… or go small

It’s all the same to us.

It shouldn’t be harder to get work done when you’re away from your desk. With responsive design, Igloo automatically adapts to whichever device you’re using. So, you get the same, full community experience regardless of screen size.

Plus, our mobile web app is available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, giving members one-click access to their community from their smartphone.

Email friendly

You don’t have to quit email. 

Your Igloo is email-enabled so you can receive updates straight to your inbox. Any time your content is modified or someone mentions you, bam, new email.* And, you can even post content by emailing a specific address, so you can book meetings, reply to comments, and upload files. Easy peasy.

*Don’t worry. For those of you who actually hate email, you can modify your subscriptions to receive only the updates you really care about (or none at all). 

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"Giant is a mobile-first organization, so we needed intranet access from anywhere.  We've tried Igloo on all platforms and it works really well. Not all competitors can do it as well."

— Spencer Mains, Director of Technology and Knowledge Systems at Giant Creative Strategy

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