Introducing Social Task Management with Unicorn

Social task management for the rest of us

Tasks are now fully integrated with the Igloo platform, enabling you to both manage projects and all the tasks that happen in-between projects (that make up the bulk of your work). You can manage projects with task lists, optimized for large groups of people; assign tasks from any piece of content, like having changes made on a document; and you can create personal tasks that are assigned to you or another person, no category needed.

Like every app in Igloo, tasks are fully social with features like commenting and activity tracking built right in. It's the perfect balance between project management and getting your day-to-day work done.

Task list

Manage your formal (and informal) projects with task lists

Task lists are specific sets of tasks - for teams, for projects, for events - that are grouped together with a specific set of participants and permissions. You can create as many task lists as you need. All tasks can have subtasks, comments, and priorities - making it easy to ensure everyone is on the same page as your business needs change.

When you combine task lists with team spaces, you create a powerful project management tool. All your conversations, files, meetings, status updates, and tasks are stored in one place. And you can view everything at once in a convenient dashboard.


Subtasks help you break out larger tasks into easy-to-complete chunks, or delegate components to multiple people. Each subtask can be assigned to a different person and subtasks can have their own subtasks.


Completing tasks usually requires you to ask questions, find assets, and more. Comments are built directly into tasks, including the ability to @mention colleagues. Comments are kept in-line with the task.


Setting priority helps indicate to the assignee how pressing something is - helping them to balance the needs of multiple projects and multiple project managers. You can set priority between high, normal, and low.

Add tasks directly to your content.

Assign tasks directly from content

The majority of the work we do happens in between projects. We're constantly approving documents, editing mockups, or setting up meetings. Content tasks help you keep track of the activities that make up your day-to-day.

Content tasks can be added on blog posts, calendar events, files, forum topics, and wiki articles. You can assign as many tasks on a piece of content as is necessary, and they can even have subtasks. You can even mark tasks as private so only the assigner and assignee see them.

Why are content tasks important? When you have a weekly meeting, you can add all the action items from your discussion as tasks directly on the calendar event; next week you can follow up on what's completed. When you're working on a document, you can assign tasks right on the document to request changes or approvals. The person assigned the work has the added context of the document, and other people on your team will see there are outstanding tasks - which is helpful if you've accidentally sent out a draft version of a document before.

Private tasks

When you mark a task as private, only the assigner and assignee will see it. Private tasks are helpful for personal reminders and confidential change requests.

Add a task from anywhere

You can add a task from anywhere in your Igloo from the personal bar. Add a task to the content you're viewing, to any task list you're a participant of, or to your personal to-do list.

Mobile-first design

We designed our new interface with phones and tablets in mind. All content now has a new tabbed interface that makes it easier to switch between content, comments, and tasks.

Manage your personal tasks

Personal tasks can be used for anything, like remembering to bring in a cake for Cake Friday, and only appear in your personal to-do list. You can assign personal tasks to another person within your Igloo, too. This is useful for tasks that don't necessarily have a project or departmental task list, like selecting a new coffee vendor for your office.

View all your tasks at once

Whether it's assigned from a task list, from content, or as a personal to-do, all of your tasks appear together in a unified view. This makes it easy for you to see everything you're working on (or have delegated).

Advanced filtering

Task lists (and your personal view) have advanced filtering built in. You can filter by assigner, assignee, priority, due date, and status. Filtering happens instantly. You can also sort lists by the same filters.

Keyboard shortcuts

We've made task entry quick and easy. When entering a task, use tab to quickly add a title, assignee, description, due date, and priority - then hit enter to save.

The Like button

We've added a Like button throughout our platform. You can now share kudos, endorse a new idea, or acknowledge receipt without having to comment.  Like lowers the barriers to engagement, making it easier for even passive members to participate in the conversations that occur in your Igloo.  

What content can be Liked?

You can Like blog posts, calendar events, files, forum topics, microblog posts, wiki articles, and comments.

Where can I see the Like button?

The Like button appears on content pages, like document preview, and in content widgets, like the blog and microblog widgets.

Can I change the color of the Like button?

Yes. We have a handy blog article on our Customer Community that describes how to customize the Like button with CSS.

Igloo Mobile

Our mobile app now fully leverages responsive web design to display your branded Igloo community. The app retains your site structure, widget layouts, and design. And any changes you make to your Igloo on the desktop are instantly shown inside the mobile app. Your team now has a unified experience across all of their devices.

How do I download the app?

If you have an iOS device, you will receive the update to the existing app once approved in the App Store.

If you have an Android device, you will have to download our new app from the Google Play Store once its approved. The previous app will be discontinued.

A new app will also be available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

What devices are supported?

  • iOS devices that support iOS 7 and above
  • Android devices that support Android 4.x and above
  • BlackBerry smartphones on BlackBerry 10 or higher

You can also access Igloo in your device's browser on any device.

Updates everywhere

Russian and Japanese

We've added support for two new languages. You can now run your Igloo or translate content to Russian or Japanese. Contact your account manager to add new languages to your Igloo.

Self-serve SAML

Configure your own SAML settings for single-sign on support. Self-serve SAML requires an SSO upgrade package to be enabled. Contact your account manager to add SSO to your Igloo.

Updated WYSIWYG editor

We've updated our WYSIWYG editor to the latest version of TinyMCE. This brings improvements in formatting, table handling, HTML editing, and more.


LDAP sync improvements

We've improved how LDAP sync connects to the Igloo platform.

Updated social accounts in profiles

Add links to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts directly from your profile.

Permissions update with cloning

Made performance improvements when cloning spaces and mapping permissions.


Redundant DNS

We've switched DNS providers to allow for redundant DNS. This will ensure you always have access to your Igloo in case of DNS provider downtime.

Changed CAPTCHA providers

Upgraded our CAPTCHA program to reduce problems viewing or passing CAPTCHA verification (i.e. on community registration pages).

Responsive design improvements

Enhanced navigation and general usability improvements.

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