Scone, our Summer 2013 update is here.

It's easier to share your content on any device. Scone adds HTML document and video preview,
a brand-new social analytics dashboard, and a fancy new slideshow widget.

Documents on any device

You need access to documents everywhere: working at the office and at home, at clients' and coffee shops. To keep your documents secure, we've added an HTML version of our document preview engine. Now you can preview presentations, review contracts, and give feedback on mockups from anywhere on any device - without downloading a local copy.

And because Igloo has built-in version management, you're always looking at the latest version. No more searching email or calling around to find out what changes were made by whom.

Customers can view a full list of preview-supported documents here (you can still upload any document type).

Download as PDF

With Scone, you can download a file in its original format or as a PDF - making it great for reading and even better for managing.

Take documents. Instead of managing a working file and a production file, keep an editable Word document in your Igloo, and download the final PDF to share with clients.

Better icons

We've made it easier to find specific document formats in the activity stream. We've made new icons (and more icons) for our most popular document types. Here's a sample:

HTML5 Video

Upload videos into your Igloo and play them back on any device. You can embed the videos anywhere inside your Igloo, including blog posts. It's a great way to share marketing and educational content with your team.

You can upload any of the following video formats. We'll convert it and allow HTML5 playback on any device. We create previews for: asf, avi, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, movie, mp4, mpe, mpeg, mpg, ogv, viv and wmv.

Contact us if you'd like support for additional video formats.

Beautiful charts that tell a story

Igloo's social analytics are being redesigned from the ground up. And it starts with the launch of a new dashboard that measures the health of your Igloo. Powered by MicroStrategy's business intelligence platform and embedded right in the control panel, you can quickly get a sense for areas of strength and weakness. 

The new dashboard is now your starting point. It's a collection of indicators that tell you how your Igloo is doing across four dimensions: membership, networking, content and collaboration. We break down the data to help you identify influencers, analyze interactions and understand trends in the growth in membership. It also makes it easier to update your boss with pretty charts and month-over-month tracking of performance improvements.

Slideshows for everyone

Our brand new slideshow widget allows you to create slideshows from content in your Igloo apps. For example, share the latest corporate news on your homepage by pulling in content from blogs; highlight recent forum posts; or cycle through upcoming events in your team space.

Want to add images? Add one to your article or post and we'll pull the first image used into your slideshow. Here's a sample of what it could look like. Just click on the radio buttons to navigate.


Updates everywhere

Calendar Widget: Daily View

View everything that's happening in one day with this new widget layout. It's great to show an agenda for an event, highlight key milestones for a project team or even to show you what's due today.

Calendar Notifications

We've upgraded options when modifying or rescheduling events. It's your choice who to notify when changes are made. And events made inside your Igloo can now send cancellation notices to personal calendars (e.g. Outlook).

Improved add content buttons

The add button has been upgraded to include human-friendly text and larger sizes. When you enable the add-content button on a blog, calendar, folder or forum widget, you can quickly add new content.


Space Cloning

We've made improvements to the way that team and project spaces are cloned, including a fix to keep group subscription settings.

More personal notifications

Email notifications are now sent with the name of the person who prompted the notification first, making it easier to find content in your inbox by name.

Search widget

The Search Box is all grown up. It now shows results for both people and content (just like the community-wide search). And when you drag it onto a page, it's auto-configured to show context-specific results for the page or space you're in.


System emails

We've upgraded our system emails to follow a consistent look and feel across the board.

Site Manager

All app types now offer "hide from navigation."

Social Analytics: Filters

You can now filter reports in real-time. Each report may include filters for specifying: date range, space, channel, group and/or user.


Resizable comment boxes

You can adjust the size of comment, microblog and broadcast boxes across your Igloo, giving your content more room to breathe. We've added new controls for clear format, indent (including sub-bullets) and outdent.

New system icons

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Scone is actually a town in Southern Ontario, near where our Igloos are made.


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