Say hello to Rockland

Say hello to Rockland.
The Spring 2013 to Igloo's cloud intranet platform.

Rockland is all about mobility. Try it.

Everything your desktop can do, your phone can do (better).


Your full intranet

Easy to use

Create content on-the-go

Download documents

Work anywhere

Responsive design allows you to use your intranet anywhere, on any modern smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.* As you switch devices and resize the browser, the content and navigation automatically adapts to fit across the screen using CSS (and a bit of magic).


Safari on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that can run iOS 6.

We've tested on common devices on Android 2.3 and 4.x. We are offering support for Chrome and Firefox.

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry PlayBook

Windows Phone
Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 and 8

How to get it

Responsive design is an option available for both new customers and as an add-on for existing customers.

Existing customers
Please contact your account manager to add responsive design to your community. Depending on the scope of existing customizations, implementing responsive design may require a custom quote.

Mobile Apps

Designed to help you find content fast, Igloo Mobile allows you to download the latest version of a document, share updates with microblogs and browse your activity stream.

Customers can download the mobile app by searching "Igloo Mobile" from their device on Google Play or Apple's App Store.


iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
iOS 4.3 and above.

Android 2.3 and above
Optmized for Android 4.2

Igloo's mobile companion.

Multi-channel views

Create custom views into your content by pulling multiple sources into one widget, such as aggregating your blogs for a corporate news feed or creating a master calendar view of all events.


We've improved the following widgets with multi-channel viewing:

  • Recent Activity
  • Recent Comments
  • Recent Contributors
  • Forum Topics
  • Blog Articles
  • Calendar Events

Calendar improvements

Start sharing the agenda, meeting minutes and action items buried in your calendar, just by adding your Igloo calendar as an attendee to your Outlook or Google Calendar invitations.

And when you create an event Inside your Igloo calendar, you can control time zones, allow open RSVP and set reminders for attendees.

We've also built up the social tools around our calendars. Now you can add related links, labels and attachments to an event or series of recurring events.

Business Continuity Insurance

Igloo also expanded its data center operations in order to increase the number of options provided to customers for offsite backup and to ensure continuity of service in the event of a natural disaster. The facility is located in Vancouver, B.C. and is managed by Savvis, a premier managed hosting and co-location provider with data center locations around the world.

For all our customers, data is replicated at our primary data center. However, adding business continuity insurance (BCI) provides peace-of-mind knowing that your data is protected against a disaster (e.g. fire, flood), should one affect our primary hosting facility.

The BCI program is intended to minimize the impact on our customers and get systems up and running as quickly as possible with minimal disruption and data loss.


Business continuity insurance adds a safety layer of data replication, recovery and service for customers in the event of a disaster that affects our primary data center.

Disaster recovery
The disaster recovery site is located in Vancouver, B.C.

Data recovery
Igloo asynchronously replicates customer data (near-time) to the remote disaster recovery site.

How to get it

New customers
Business Continuity Insurance is available for $1 per user per month and can be added to your contract at any time.

Existing customers
Business Continuity Insurance is available for $1 per user per month. Contact your account manager for details.

Improvements everywhere

We've made under-the-hood improvements to make the Igloo platform a better experience for both users and administrators.

Sprechen Sie Igloo?

We've added support for our German and Italian friends.

Email integration

You can now reply to microblog notifications to post a comment. We also include the original post in comment notifications, too.

RSS for pages

You can stay updated on all the blog, calendar, folder and forums displayed on a page with RSS subscriptions.

Security improvements

We've updated our security across the board. There is a new setting in your control panel to prevent displaying your community in an iframe (prevents ClickJacking).


Event previews

Click on a day in the compact calendar view to see event details on the fly.

Community time zone

All content now adheres to your community time zone, including future publish dates. You can set the first day of the week, too.


We've increased the maximum amount of attachments per post and improved version handling.

Search updates

We continue to tweak our search algorithms (like Google) to offer better support across languages, content (in this case, microblogs) and for longer queries.


New roles

Reputation Manager, for managing and awarding points and badges.
SEO Manager, for editing meta data on all content.
JavaScript Manager, for editing JavaScript on pages.
Preview, for allowing non-admins to preview upcoming releases.

Questions about Rockland?

If you're an existing customer, contact your account manager to set up product training.

If you're just learning about Igloo, contact us to set up a personal demo of Rockland.

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