Introducing Q

Introducing Q
The Fall 2012 update to Igloo's intranet platform.

Q brings over 15 new features and behind the scenes improvements. Try it.

Better context for a better workflow

Our latest update, Q, is all about bringing context. From allowing you to post and reply to content right from your inbox, to better calendar integration and related content, we've focused on highlighting the information you need where and when you need it.


Post content via email

It's hard to bring everyone on board with a new intranet, everyone has the tools they are already used to using. To help ease the process we're allowing users to post content right from their email.

Now users can email in a file, forum topic, wiki article or blog post.

Email integration features

Add to contacts

Download contact cards for each email-enabled channel and add them to your address book.


View Igloo content in Outlook by subscribing to a channel via RSS.


Post via email can be turned on system wide or per channel. Email addresses can be set up on the channel pages.

One calendar to rule them all

We've completely rethought the corporate calendar. Now your calendar events can live inside your intranet, with all the social tools you love incorporated into each event. All calendar events - even recurring events - have the same features as other content inside the Igloo platform, like commenting and following.

Igloo has advanced calendar integration built-in.

Calendar features

Recurring events

Create recurring events in your calendar. Recurring events each get treated like a real event, with their own social threads, like commenting.

Attendees and status

Add attendess from inside or outside your community. Enter by email or use the people chooser.


Add event reminders to trigger in Outlook or an atendees devices when creating a calendar event.

Works with (and like) the tools you already use

Our calendars are built with industry standards in mind, so events work perfectly with Outlook or your iPhone.



Attachments for an event live inside the Igloo.


Calendar events allow comments, allowing you to provide feedback prior to or after a meeting occurs.


Add a summary and description of a calendar event. These get passed along to Outlook as notes.

Related content

Related content brings context to your workflow. When you're reading a blog post, any of the links mentioned within are set to have a one-way relationship.

In fact, when you visit one of those linked items, you'll see a link back to the blog post. Content automatically establishes relationships when you add links in a post.

You can also add and remove relationships between content, for example, if something isn't linked within a post but it is still a related object.

Any type of content in the Igloo platform can be related. It's a great way to link documents together with conversations.


Find the right person.
@mention them, too.

We've created a brand new people search within the Igloo platform. Now when you type @ you'll get a smart search box.

Find someone you want to mention in a post, select their name, and they'll be notified once you press submit.

More control for space managers

Everyone uses spaces differently - from managing departments, committees and projects. We've provided more control to space managers over the look, feel and structure of their area within Igloo communities.

Space branding

Add a custom header or footer in each of your spaces. This can be set by the space manager.

Space control panel

Space managers now have a dedicated control panel to manage their groups, settings, and appearance.

Space subscriptions

Space managers can now control subscriptions for their group members for any content within the community.

Space navigation

Spaces now support navigation hierarchy, allowing you to architect better sub-communities.

Analytics for everyone

Social analytics is being rolled out to every Igloo customer, providing reports on how your community members are using the Igloo platform. To get access to the open beta, contact your account manager. 

Igloo's built in social analytics drive business intelligence.

Improvements everywhere

We've made under-the-hood improvements to make the Igloo platform a better experience for both users and administrators.

Add content widget

Drop an "Add content" widget onto any page. Allow your users to create a blog article, forum post, calendar event from anywhere.

From apps to pages

We've changed the structure of our system to run entirely on pages. Landing pages for apps, like blogs, can now be fully customized like any other page.

Channels widget

This new widget shows a list of channels for a specific application type, such as a blog.

Page templates

Pages can now be marked as templates and cloned when creating a new page. You can also clone pages from the actions menu.


New roles

We created two new roles: membership manager and webmaster. Roles are now handled separately from goups.

Poll widget data

Allow admins to download more verbose poll widget data. This is available in the control panel.

Delete versions

Users can now delete a version of a document. Administrators retain the ability to restore the version from the document version screen.

Questions about Q?

If you're an existing customer, contact your account manager to set up product training

If you're just learning about Igloo, contact us to set up a personal demo of Q.

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