Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like. Sounds great, but what does it mean?

At its core, Igloo is about communication

In your day, you might give updates, have discussions and share files with your team. With Igloo, that all happens in one place. Igloo helps you communicate in an elegant and integrated digital workplace. You get visibility into what's happening throughout your whole team and your whole office.

You learn from everyone

There's an activity stream that actually makes sense - showing you what project management is doing, how development is going or what marketing actually wants you to do, with one click to follow content.

And you make a home for your team

You can create spaces for different departments or teams - and they can have their own forums, their own calendars, their own document repositories - even their own Twitter-like conversations. It's all built right in. You can even make private spaces for management.

Who is Igloo for?
Igloo is for small, medium or large businesses who want to work better - with their employees, partners or customers.

Where can I use Igloo?
Igloo is a cloud-based platform, so you can work from anywhere on any device with a web browser, inside or outside your firewall.

How do I use it?
Learn about our structure and how Igloo works for you. You can also get your own Igloo, free.

Why Igloo?
There are so many reasons that we made a whole page.


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