Work your way, but better

Expense reports, document approvals, and vacation requests. They eat up a
big part of our day and an unfair share of our inbox. And creating new workflows
for these tasks can involve setting up email lists, exchanging documents, and building web forms from scratch. Wouldn’t it be nice to simplify these tasks
and get back to work?

working in your Igloo illustration

Liberate your inbox

Work inside your Igloo.

Email is meant for communication, not collaboration, so stop trying to force it. With Igloo, inbox zero is closer than ever. Share and collaborate on documents in one place, so you don’t have to hunt down the latest version or keep track of edits. Everyone has a say, everyone’s in the know, and no one gets hurt.

Find the best way

Make your life easier.

An intranet shouldn’t wipe out your current way of doing things. It should allow you to automate manual processes to help you save you time, money, and headaches. Booking time off, co-authoring a blog post, or submitting a marketing idea – there’s a lot of different ways to do it, but there doesn’t have to be.

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Turn to-do into done

Check and check.

Whether you’re tallying up your to-do’s or keeping your projects on track, Igloo’s task management features help you mark progress so you don’t fall behind. Assign personal, project, or document-specific tasks and check them off as you go. Task lists are re-usable, too, so once you find your secret to success, you can save it as a template, then rinse and repeat.

"We have a 98% usage rate and employee productivity has risen 25%. We’ve truly created a place where everyone knows where to go to establish processes and identify knowledge gaps."

– Sonia Husband, Digital Marketing Manager at ActiveHealth Management

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Your user bar keeps a running total of all the tasks assigned to you – whether they’re personal or related to a project.
Learn more about tasks ›

Version control

Every document has built-in version control. So instead of searching through emails, you can find the latest version on the preview page.
Learn more about documents ›

Moderated posts

Moderated blogs allow you to review content before it goes live. You can edit posts or make recommendations in the comments.
Learn more about blogs ›

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