Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Up, down, and everywhere in between

Communication is the glue that holds every good business together. It flows in every direction and points people to the information they need to do their jobs. A modern intranet helps you tell a consistent story and enable meaningful conversations across your company. When everyone’s speaking the same language, there’s less confusion, less noise, and a lot more work getting done.

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We’re not so different

Let’s get on the same page.

It’s vital that everyone knows what your company stands for and how they play a contributing role. That’s how you get everyone working together and aligned to the same goals. With Igloo, sharing company vision is easier than ever. Executives have an easy-to-use platform to post regular updates so everyone understands how the company ticks from the top.

Capture your culture

It’s the stuff that keeps companies alive.

Your employees chose a great place to work. Prove it to them, from day one. Get them up to speed in a matter of weeks, not months. Introduce them to your company, their co-workers, and the way everything works. And, don’t go creating a new culture. If you look carefully, it’s already there. Your people are doing amazing things. All you need is somewhere to showcase their stories.

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Your inner voice is loud and clear

Now listen. 

People are the most valuable asset in any company. If you don’t believe us, just ask them. If only you had a way… A modern intranet is a virtual water cooler where people can share ideas, ask questions, and talk about work. And with polls, commenting, and rating, you can keep a pulse on what matters to them. They learn from each other, and you learn from them. Everybody wins. Capture what matters to people, share that knowledge, and bring your company closer together.

A Modern Communicator's Guide to Corporate Communications

What's inside?

  • How to drive internal communication from the top down
  • Tips for improving team communications
  • Ways to enable employee-to-employee conversations

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Communications guide

Communicators unite

Igloo is proud to power online communities for the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), and has been a key sponsor of the World Conference for four consecutive years.
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Content management made easy

Quickly author, edit, and publish to your corporate blog or newsfeed so your story never gets scooped again.
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Move over suggestion box

An online forum allows you to instantly bubble up great ideas for everyone to see.
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Manage time better

Use a shared calendar to keep track of important events, meetings, and deadlines.
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