Management Center

Your management team is tasked with building, motivating, and growing high-performing groups across the organization. Your culture, and the success of the business, hinges on how well they do it. The Management Center offers a secure area for people-leaders to connect, hone their skills, and share best practices. It’s also a place where executive leadership can communicate privately with managers about effective management styles, consistent messaging, and culture initiatives.

Inspire your people-leaders

Align management with your vision and values

With a secure channel for engaging leaders across the organization, you’ll ensure management is aligned to the company strategy, vision, and culture. And by celebrating effective management styles, you’ll encourage other leaders to follow suit.

Sharpen your skillset

The Management Center facilitates and encourages training, mentorships, and the sharing of best practices. So managers can engage with peers, learn new skills, and hone their craft in a comfortable space.

Plan, execute, and evolve

Now you’ve got somewhere to collaborate on corporate objectives, plan budgets and hiring, and iron out corporate initiatives. The result is a management team that works smarter.

The Management Center template combines features that enable you to:

  • Screen communications before they’re shared with the larger organization.
  • Get quick access to relevant training materials.
  • Assign tasks, organize meetings, and offer guidance.
  • Publish objectives and cross-functional goals.
  • Showcase best practices and provide expert insights.
  • Collaborate with private groups in team rooms.