Online Company Employee Directory Software

A centralized directory makes it easy to find the right person, team, or expertise. It also helps your people understand how and where they fit into your company’s overall structure. As your digital workplace evolves, the company directory will help you keep everyone informed about skill sets, responsibilities, and organizational change.

Know who's who

Bring people together

Create a “digital office” that remote workers, employees from dispersed offices, and employees from large organizations can access to get to know the people they digitally interact with.

Accelerate workflows

Connect employees, teams, and leaders and keep them in the loop about movement and change within the company so they can make faster and better informed decisions.

Make informed HR decisions

With the ability to quickly visualize the organizational structure, you can locate expertise, identify gaps, and allocate resources so HR planning becomes more effective.

The Company Directory combines features that allow you to:

  • Navigate the company structure with the org chart.
  • Publish updates about organizational changes, shifting roles, or open positions.
  • Subscribe members to receive company alerts.
  • Enable co-authoring of organizational announcements.
  • Include preconfigured skill set searches.
  • Link to a people directory as another way to find coworkers.