Igloo for Marketing

The biggest challenges facing marketers today include measuring the ROI of campaign efforts, reducing time to market for new programs, improving collaboration between teams, and making sure everyone has easy access to the latest marketing materials. Achieving success means prioritizing digital tools and strategies that enable a more interconnected and engaged workforce. Igloo can help.

A collaborative community where marketing thrives

The entire organization can benefit from better communication and collaboration with the marketing department.

Stay on message

The ability to store, update, and share relevant information means you can ensure everyone stays on brand and on message internally, and across all media.

Nix the silos

​Opening multiple communication channels keeps employees up to speed on marketing initiatives and results – and keeps the organization moving forward.

Make informed decisions

With all your critical information coming together in one area, marketers can make smarter, more informed decisions.

Solutions to your marketing challenges

Igloo’s intuitive, configurable, easy-to-use platform and ready-made solutions help you solve the challenges you face every day – and the ones that haven’t come up yet.


Blogs and Forums
Discuss marketing campaigns, propose ideas, ask questions, and solve problems. Together.

Give campaign status updates, share links, and more. It’s a quick way to connect with colleagues.

Files and Wikis
Document, update, and share policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics.

Use shared calendars to highlight town halls and keep everyone up to date on company events.

Share brand assets and photography and make brand approvals easy.

Create areas for collaborating across teams, projects, departments, clubs, or committees.