Next-Generation Intranet Solutions for HR

As an HR professional, you’re charged with protecting your organization’s most important business asset: your people. Building a sustainable, high-performance culture requires cross-functional alignment, effective communications, and a commitment to the 360-degree employee experience. But it’s a tough job to do without the right tools.

Keep top talent with a people-powered workplace

Give employees a tool they’ll actually use and you’ll save time, money, and resources for your department and the entire company.

Engage your people

Employees are more productive when they’re part of the bigger picture. With Igloo, it’s easy to align people with your culture and strategic objectives.

Enable self-service HR

Free up some time by letting employees find information for themselves — whether it’s company policies, benefits information, or training materials.

Open the dialogue

Keep everyone in the loop with a company-wide platform that lets you easily share news, knowledge, and guidance – all in one place.

Tools that solve HR challenges

With intuitive and easy-to-use features and solutions, Igloo can help you solve the challenges you face every day, and any new ones that come up.

No more guesswork

Communicate more effectively, with features like leadership blogs, organizational announcements, and read receipts on policies.

Cultivate culture

A modern intranet is your culture, online. Employees can plug in right away with solutions like a new hire area, an FAQ forum, or a welcome kit.

It’s a social hub

Let the social side of work drive employee engagement with a virtual water cooler, social clubs, a photo wall, and a buy-and-sell area.

Seamless integrations

Work with the apps you already use: Active Directory, HRIS solutions, Google, Microsoft, Slack, Box, or Dropbox.

Find people faster

Igloo Org Chart is an integrated modern org chart that allows you to navigate today’s more dynamic, team-focused organizations.

Employee recognition

Together, Igloo + Bonusly provide a seamless environment for employee communication, collaboration, recognition, and rewards.


Blogs and Forums
Have discussions, propose ideas, ask questions, and solve problems. Together.

Give quick status updates, share links, and more. It’s a quick way to connect with colleagues.

Files and Wikis
Document, update, and share policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics.

Use shared calendars to book vacation days and keep everyone up to date on company events.

People Directory
Illuminate experts within your organization and bring together people with similar interests.

Add custom HR integrations like Applicant Tracking Systems so you can do all your work in one destination.