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Excerpts from: Social, Mobile, And The Cloud Converge To Drive Competitive Advantage, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Igloo, May 2012.


Users Are Driving A Mobile Shift
Nowhere is the impact of consumerization on the enterprise and IT more profound than in the rapidly maturing area of mobile. Smartphones and tablets, often purchased by the employee, are demonstrating real business value and in many instances are becoming the de facto access mechanism for critical information and communications.

In fact, the use of smartphones and tablets is beginning to approach - and, in some instances, exceed - the use of more traditional devices like laptops. For example, 35% of employees working at a client site are likely to use a laptop, but 45% are likely to use a smartphone. Even more interesting, 32% of employees are likely to use a tablet - a device that hit the market a mere two years ago.


Business Value Drives The Adoption Of Mobile And Social
While popular opinion would lead one to believe that adoption of social is driven by generational factors, the data shows a much more compelling pattern. According to Forrester Research, 39% of hypermobile professionals utilize mobile devices specifically to access social media for work.

The drivers are purely business-focused. Users have embraced emerging social technologies through mobile devices because access to information, expertise, and collective action can be the defining factor between business success and failure. For example, a salesperson that can access critical information as they are preparing for a critical meeting or working on a high-value proposal can tip the scale in their favor by having access to the right information at the right time. The convergence of social and mobile technology helps drive up the likelihood of success; hence, they embrace both.


No Surprise: Knowledge Workers Want Access To Knowledge
To build on this existing research, in April 2012 Igloo Software commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of IT leaders on the topics of SaaS, mobile, and cloud. When asked about their primary interest in deploying SaaS-based enterprise social technologies, 82% pointed to knowledge-sharing that encompasses content and expertise location.

Most organizations know intuitively that knowledge workers are making decisions based on limited access to information and expertise or recreating information that already exists within the enterprise. The opportunity to address this holds the promise of better and faster business outcomes. Directly behind knowledge access is team-based collaboration (65%), indicating that there is an appetite not only for better access to content but also for better tools to drive more efficient generation of team-based knowledge artifacts.

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