Consumer cloud forecast: chance of data downpour.

Are your corporate secrets

hiding in plain sight?

Prevent careless file sharing with a cloud collaboration solution built for business.

Igloo is The Social Intranet Platform for you

BYOA with BYOD means bye bye data integrity

The integration of business and technology is changing faster than ever. With more control in hands of end users, IT is starting to lose control over... well, information and technology.

New policies like Bring Your Own App (BYOA) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are creating IT headaches (possibly leading to BYOB).

It's not that your team means harm - they just want to get work done. And sometimes that means they'll go outside the rules to do it. They don't always know they're putting sensitive company data at risk when they use consumer cloud services like Dropbox. They just want to stay in sync.

At Igloo, we're designed for business collaboration in the cloud - bringing the ease of use, customization and convenience your team wants, with the security, structure and management you need.


business users
use DropBox for
store & sync

49% of employees in 100-999 person companies use Dropbox without IT's blessing. They just want to access their files. You just want to keep it secure.

All clouds are not created equal

The consumer cloud is convenient, fast, and everywhere. We love it. Your teams probably do, too. But it's not great for a business environment .

At Igloo, we run in the enterprise cloud. We offer advanced security, data recovery, IT management, and more - with the same convenience, speed, and delivery options available with consumer applications.

Consumer cloud used for business
Note your files leaking from the cloud.

Enterprise cloud used for business
Note the transparency and increased happiness.

Fun facts

of mobile workers use
3 or more devices

of devices used by
information workers
are used for both
personal and business

of IT decision makers
will look to saas to improve
employee user experience
in the next 12 months

Your employees need to keep their files in sync on multiple devices. This creates issues for version management, security and duplication.

Using personal devices to store business data can pose significant risks without the proper security procedures in place.

Peer pressure means a lot, but it also affects your bottom line. A better experience for your teams will help with productivity, retention and morale.

Obligatory chart



Consumer Cloud

Enterprise Cloud with Igloo

Easy to use

Cross platform

Inside the firewall

If allowed by IT

Outside the firewall

Managed by IT

User Management

Audit trails

Business analytics

Version management


Disaster recovery

We also have acronyms

Provided for warm and/or fuzzy feelings of reassurance.



We'll work with your existing user management policy


If we don't have it, you can build it


Dell SecureWorks
Savvis, a CenturyLink company.



(Formerly SAS70)

CICA 5970


Type II



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