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Knowledge Management

Harness your collective knowledge

Knowledge is no good when it’s locked up in the minds and memory of your organization. The challenge is getting information out of people’s heads and into the hands of those who need it. A modern intranet helps you work smarter, so you can stop wasting precious time searching for answers and start doing more meaningful work. Yep, livin’ the dream.

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It's who you know

Your experts are within arm’s reach.

Not all knowledge needs to flow from the top down. There are experts sitting in all corners of your organization who can provide direction and insights to help you do your job. Igloo’s people directory helps you figure out who has the information you need to get your job done, then locate them… like fast.

What you know

Share knowledge through story-telling.

There’s a wealth of insight that resides inside your organization. The more we talk or write about what we know, the easier it is to get everyone speaking the same language. But that doesn’t mean people will listen. Sharing stories that people actually read is easy with Igloo – it’s dynamic, interactive, and pretty much anyone can do it.

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And how you use it

Set your brilliance free.

We’re wired to find the best or fastest way to do something, but when we hold that info tight, it can go to waste. Documenting best practices saves time and makes everyone more efficient.  With Igloo, you can create knowledge bases to store processes and policy docs in a place where everyone knows to look. Suddenly, one person’s know-how is everyone’s know-how.

A Modern Communicator's Guide to Knowledge Management

What's inside?

  • Best practices for internal knowledge sharing
  • How to share knowledge through story-telling
  • The benefits of a knowledge base

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Knowledge Management guide
"We have a 98% usage rate and employee productivity has increased by 25%. We’ve truly created a place where everyone knows where to establish processes and identify knowledge gaps."

– Sonia Husband, Digital Marketing Manager, ActiveHealth Management, a subsidiary of Aetna

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People Directory

Employees can update their profiles to include knowledge, skills, abilities, and even hobbies, so it’s easy to find out if they've got what you need.
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Content Management

Share content and enhance employee learning. Your company’s knowledge can be stored on pages or in folders that are easy to search, organize, and update.
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Online forums are a great way to uncover knowledge that’s trapped in people’s heads. Spark discussion, solve problems, and share ideas to reach your full intellectual potential.
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