Igloo + TemboSocial Integration

Drive Engagement

An integrated surveys, forms and polls tool for use with your digital workplace solutions to gather feedback, test knowledge, and collect data.

Engage, educate, and drive your employees to deeper content pages

  • Surveys for measurement and feedback
  • Polls to gather opinions
  • Quizzes with scoring to test knowledge
  • Forms to capture data directly to Excel

TemboSocial's Surveys, Forms, and Polls can enhance the value of Igloo solutions


Use quizzes with the Onboarding solution to support new employee training. Automatically send results to the manager.

Culture and Engagement

Set up a form to solicit nominations in the Employee Recognition solution.


Display results from periodic pulse surveys in the Leadership Center solution to stay abreast of employee sentiment.

Grow what you know

Repurpose long-form content like blogs and articles into short quizzes to ensure consumption and understanding of key messages.

Create with ease

Design surveys, forms and polls with multiple questions, ending messages and advanced logic using a simple, yet robust interface.

Flexible reach

Segment audiences and deliver highly relevant content to the right people in the organization at the right time.

Automatically capture profile data

Eliminate the need to request demographic identifiers, resulting in fewer form fields and higher completion rates.

Get visual

Enrich engagement with image driven questions.

Capture and analyze data easily

Collect and export all data in a single report that can be filtered and exported to Excel.

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