Igloo + Starmind Integration

Artificial intelligence meets human connections

Now you can capture your organization’s shared knowledge for easy and immediate access.
Bring employees together with a digital workplace solution that lets them do their jobs more efficiently.

Every employee is an expert

Igloo + Starmind gives employees access to that expertise in the moment they need it. Starmind’s technology adds intelligence to Igloo by offering the ability to find the best answer or expert in the company by simply asking a question.

Starmind automatically retrieves existing answers to repeated questions, and routes new problems to the best expert in the organization.

Combining these solutions means you can accelerate decision making, support innovation, and boost revenue.


How Starmind works

Access expertise

With its technology, Starmind can route new questions to the best expert at the very moment they occur. The self-learning algorithm means existing questions get immediate answers.

Grow what you know

Knowledge is constantly evolving as new topics come up within the organization. The longer Starmind is deployed, the more powerful the knowledge universe becomes.

Become a knowledge-driven organization

Combine Starmind technology and digital workplaces to make employees more knowledgeable

Harness collective organizational intelligence for faster decision making and improved productivity

Improved employee engagement from day one by connecting people with expertise across the organization

Watch the webinar: Using AI to become a knowledge driven organization

Igloo has partnered with Starmind to add intelligence to the digital workplace. In roughly 30 minutes you will learn how these solutions together can help you leverage internal expertise, increase performance and make employees more knowledgeable.

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