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Spend more time on relationships and less time on admin. With Igloo + Salesforce, you can access the insights you need to close deals faster.

Keep your pipeline moving

When you’re trying to close a deal, any bumps in the road could mean the difference between success and failure. Use Igloo + Salesforce to stay in the loop with other reps, get what you need from other departments, and give leaders a quick and comprehensive view of the entire pipeline.


Create a sales calendar to keep track of key dates and meetings.


Quickly update leads and opportunities to keep deals moving in the right direction.


Your go-to resources are a quick click away in your Deal Room. 

Salesforce Integration screenshot


Collaborate with colleagues in a real-time Chatter feed without leaving your Igloo.


View the key players in active deals and connect with anyone in a few easy clicks. 


Give leadership a quick glimpse at who’s rocking their targets.

Keep up with leads

Keep on top of your to-do list while logging meeting notes, updating deal activities, and managing tasks and events — all without ever leaving your Igloo.

Exceed your targets

You're too busy closing business to be sending updates on targets. With Igloo's interactive Salesforce leaderboard, everyone on the team has a real time tally of who's rocking their quota.



Interested in integrations?

Igloo is your all-in-one hub for getting stuff done. Take it to the next level by bringing leading cloud apps like Office 365, Google for Work, and Salesforce, inside your Igloo. 

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A great solution should offer that.

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