Igloo + Centrify Integration

Learn more about the power of Centrify

Centrify provides SSO, automated account provisioning for Igloo

Centrify offers a best-in-class Identity and Access Management solution for Igloo Enterprise customers, providing secure single sign-on, automatic user provisioning, and mobile device management, all from a centralized interface. With Centrify, IT can centrally provision new users, create custom access policies, and automatically revoke access when needed. Thanks to SAML, employees can log in using their existing credentials from desktop or mobile devices without having to remember a unique, app-specific username or password.

Igloo + Centrify Benefits

  • Simplify corporate file sharing and eliminate the hassles for IT and end users.
  • Allow users to access their data from anywhere, and synchronizes data securely across devices.
  • Enterprise-grade identity access management from Centrify makes it easy for IT to deploy and manage how employees access corporate Igloo accounts.

Integration with Active Directory

A five-minute installation securely connects your Active Directory to Igloo. Centrify works without replicating sensitive Active Directory data into the cloud or a third-party, and requires no changes to firewall policies. If your business doesn’t use Active Directory, or wants 100% cloud-based identity for users outside of the corporate network, Centrify supports that too.


Secure Browser Single Sign-on (SSO) with SAML

Provide one-click access to Igloo — without adding another username and password for users to remember. Centrify leverages SAML for secure authentication without passwords, to provide one-click access to Igloo and all of your other cloud and mobile apps.


Automated Account Provisioning

When IT creates a new user in Active Directory, Centrify can automatically create a Igloo account for them, with the correct authorization, and single sign-on access. When that user leaves, Centrify automatically revokes Igloo access — ensuring only the right users have access at all times.


Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthen your security with adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) across your Igloo environment without frustrating users. With Multi-factor authentication (MFA) you can add a layer of security that allows your company protection against the leading cause of data breach — compromised credentials.

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