Easily find the information you need to get work done

A digital workplace houses your company’s priceless collective knowledge, but if the content’s inaccessible, it offers no value to anyone.

You can find anything you need in your Igloo within seconds with the superior search function. Everything’s searchable, so it’s right at your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you’re looking.

Search feature screenshot

search everywhere screenshot

Site-wide search

Use the "Search everywhere" field located in the user bar to get results from the entire site’s content.

area search screenshot

Granular searches

You can place search fields on pages, spaces, wikis, or anywhere that supports the use of widgets. Configure these search fields to look in specific areas, content types or apps.

search permissions screenshot


Search results are fully permissioned, so you only see the content you’re supposed to see.

people search screenshot

People filter

Locate people and expertise right from the top-level "search anywhere" field. When you find someone you’re looking for, click on one of their skills or interests to find others like them.

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