Microblogs are a destination for conversation and collaboration

Bring a virtual water cooler into your Igloo, and people will stop by to share a quick story, offer congrats, or give important updates.

The newsfeed (or microblog) feature connects employees to each other and to key information. It’s an informal digital hub for the conversations that matter to your company.

Microblog Feature Shot
@mentions screenshot


Shine the spotlight on a job well done by mentioning someone in a post or reply, and they’ll get an email notification with a link to the content.

Make sense of it all screenshot

Make sense of it all

Replies remain in-line with original posts, so the whole conversation stays together in one easy-to-find place.

document attachment screenshot

More than just text

Embed links, images, and attachments into your updates.

updates from anywhere screenshot

Update from anywhere

Post an update from any page. You can even reference the current page you’re on – so you can share notes about the content you’re reading without losing your place.

conversations by topic screenshot

Create channels

Organize conversations by topic, like a corporate news channel for executive updates or a water cooler channel for whatever’s on employees’ minds.

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