Large companies have different needs

Our enterprise customers often require an "above and beyond" approach to their intranet. We offer extra assistance for customers looking for help with implementation, additional design and consulting hours, or have specific security requirements. And don’t worry, these upgrades won’t be rolled automatically into your package if you don’t need them.


Simplify the login process by letting people access Igloo with the credentials they already use for other services. Or, set up your environment to avoid logging in altogether. The choice is yours.

Single tenant with shared services

We offer separate server environments for companies working with highly sensitive data, or for those who simply need the fastest possible access to their community.

Experts on hand

Once the heavy lifting is done on the backend, we can help you develop your site to make sure it’s perfectly suited to your unique business needs. Our expert service team can help you discover extra features, platform integrations, a swankier design, or insights about your users to create an experience everyone will love.

Be involved in conversations that matter

All data stored in the Igloo platform is backed up on a regular schedule. In the event of a failure, you’ll get your data back in 36 hours. If you need it back faster or need additional backup data stored offsite, we can offer that.

Hosted on the Azure Cloud

Igloo’s U.S. data center and colocation services partner is Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud provider trusted by over 90% of Fortune 500 companies. With data centers across 50 regions worldwide, and over 100 cloud Services available, Azure’s hosting platform ensures Igloo can support the needs of your digital workplace.

The world’s best businesses grow with Igloo in