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Secure collaboration in the cloud

We scale with your needs.

We know, ‘cloud’ is a trendy term. It’s overused, over-hyped, and rarely understood. So, here’s what you really need to know when it comes to deploying Igloo: it’s fast, economical, and flexible.

We offer deployment options and hosting models that scale with your needs. We consider your timing and budget constraints, security requirements, available resources, and internal expertise, and tailor a solution to fit.

With Igloo, your intranet is future-proof

Updates, upgrades, and enhancements happen automatically, so you’re always using the latest and greatest version with no end-user disruption (and no IT involvement). Take that to your CIO (and, be sure to add this):

"Cloud apps deliver 2.1 times more ROI than
on-premises ones."

– Nucleus Research

Lower IT costs

Simplify your work and save money in the process.

Deploying Igloo is straightforward and pain free. There’s nothing to install, patch, or update, eliminating hardware and software costs and significantly reducing the time spent on management and maintenance.

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Faster deployment times

Ready, set, go.

Run a pilot project with a select group or go enterprise-wide with your intranet. Whatever your preferred approach, set up your Igloo in a matter of minutes and manage it securely from one place. Less administration, less maintenance, and less complication.

Flexible deployment options

Like (digital) putty in your hands.

Our deployment options put you in control of your environment. Our shared service, multi-tenant model offers a cost-effective solution. Larger companies with more users may prefer the flexibility and added control of a dedicated, single-tenant solution.

Bottom line? When it comes to infrastructure, the choice is yours. However it’s deployed, you get the same great features and awesome user experience.

"Companies deploying cloud applications spend 40% less on consulting and 25% less on personnel than those deploying on premises."

— Nucleus Research

What's yours, is yours

No questions asked.

We’re not interested in “owning” your stuff. We’re here to help you manage and share it. All of the data inside your Igloo community belongs to you, period. That includes conversations, comments, and content. We can provide a complete XML export of your community at any time, upon request.

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