Igloo for Professional Services

Organizations that deliver professional services all face similar challenges. They need a secure and efficient way to collaborate, share and store files for client cases or projects. They need flexibility to access information on the go – whether they’re visiting clients or working from sales offices. And they need to be able to quickly ramp up new team members to the organization or client projects. Igloo’s digital workplaces can make it all possible.

Solutions for Professional Services

Project Rooms
Governance Center

Management Hub
Recognition Center

Transform your employee experience and everybody wins

When employees are informed and engaged, they’re more productive and work better together. Igloo unites your organization and ensures everyone’s working towards the same goals. Your clients will notice the difference – and so will your bottom line.

Centralize information

From policies and brand assets, to client files and statements of work, store the information you need in one, easy-to-find location. So there’s no guesswork involved.

Work better – together

Collaboration is easier when you’re in the same place, right? Igloo’s digital workplace solutions break down silos and bring people together – no matter where they are.

Keep good people

How do you attract and retain top talent? It starts with onboarding. Igloo’s digital workplace solutions help you get people up to speed faster.

Protect critical data on the go

Igloo provides your people with mobile access to your digital workplace – whenever and wherever they are. And our enterprise-class security keeps your clients’ data safe.

Solutions to your professional services challenges

With intuitive and easy-to-use features, and ready-made solutions, Igloo can help solve the unique challenges you face every day – and those that haven’t come up yet.

Manage projects

Create a space where you can coordinate and manage client projects. Discuss, collaborate, delegate tasks – and keep projects moving.

Project Rooms ›

Train to retain

One way to boost staff retention is to ensure employees are engaged from the get go. Start with an effective onboarding program.

Onboarding Center ›

Mitigate risk

Good corporate governance and compliance are critical in professional services. Centralize this information so everyone’s accountable.

Governance Center ›

This just in

Aggregate important communication and keep everyone updated with company news, including blogs, industry updates, and subject-specific channels.

Newsroom ›

Engage leaders

Effective leadership is key to employee engagement. Provide a secure area for people-leaders to connect, encourage mentorship, and share best practices.

Management Hub ›

Rewards matter

If an employee’s going the extra mile, they deserve to know it’s appreciated. When you prioritize culture and engage your people, you’ll be rewarded back.

Recognition Center ›


Find anything you need in your Igloo in seconds. From wherever you are.

Discuss strategy, share ideas, and solve problems. Together.

Document, update, and share client files, policies and best practices – with full version control.

Use shared calendars to keep everyone up to date on client meetings and other key events.

Set up areas for collaborating across teams, projects, or departments.

Streamline creation and sharing of personal, project or team to-do lists.