Igloo for Education

When it comes to education, student success comes first. But inefficiencies in cross-departmental communication and collaboration can impact your ability to ensure that success.  To maximize the time spent on student outcomes, you need better ways to work together across locations and teams. You need to provide employees with easy access to information. And you need to make it quick and easy to share files, news and updates between staff and students. Igloo can help.

Solutions for Education

Governance Center
Company Directory

Leadership Corner
Virtual Town Hall
IT Help Desk

Share knowledge and work smarter – together

Igloo can help you build a thriving digital community where educators can harness knowledge, get the latest news, collaborate, and spark ideas.

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Break down silos

Make conversations happen within and across departments. Post news items, blogs, people updates and other items in a centralized, easy-to-search area.

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Keep work moving

Put the right information at employees’ fingertips so they’re not wasting time searching. It means employees can do their jobs faster, more accurately – and from anywhere.

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Collaborate better

There’s no need to be on campus to collaborate. With Igloo’s integration capabilities, staff can use their favourite collaboration and file sharing tools like Box or Google Drive.

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Streamline process

Share best practices and lessons learned in a central knowledge base. And streamline processes, so tasks, like booking leave or completing an expense claim, are as simple as a few clicks.

Solutions to your education challenges

Igloo’s intuitive, configurable, easy-to-use platform and ready-made solutions help you solve the challenges you face every day – and the ones that haven’t come up yet.

Governance solution for intranet software

Good governance

Use the Governance Center to keep track of policies and procedures, and manage issues that can affect the entire department or school.

Governance Center

Newsroom solution for intranet software

What’s new?

Use the newsroom to keep staff informed and aligned. Publish updates, create news channels for specific departments, and encourage contributions.


Company directory solution for intranet software

Locate expertise

Find an expert in a particular area and know who’s who – quickly and easily. And set policies so employees keep their information up to date.

Company Directory

Leadership solution for intranet software

Connect with leaders

Use the Leadership Corner to create an area for department heads and the management team to share expertise, policy changes, bios, and more.

Leadership Corner

Virtual town hall solution for intranet software

Bring everyone together

Open the dialogue and bring remote staff, departments, or the whole school together to inform, collaborate and share ideas.

Virtual Town Hall

IT help desk solution for intranet software

IT issues solved

Offer answers to IT questions and help users help themselves and others through a public forum with comments and questions.

IT Help Desk


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Facilitate conversations, ask questions, and unlock the knowledge in people’s heads.

Create areas for collaborating across departments, faculties, and projects.

Publish general school – or department specific – updates, share links, and more.

Document, update, and share policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics.

Use shared calendars to highlight the next staff meeting and keep everyone up to date on school events.

File sharing
Share important documents and invite colleagues to review and edit the latest version.

You’re in good company

Igloo works with educational institutions of varying size and focus.

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