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Every company needs a place where people can go to find the truth. Wikis can be used to store standard policies and procedures for everyone to see – like information about benefits or submitting an IT request. And when the truth changes, wiki articles can too, and multiple authors can exchange feedback and compare drafts without ever leaving the view.

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Don’t go it alone

Add peers as authors to your wiki article. Send edits back and forth and receive notifications when edits are made.

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Comparatively speaking

As living documentation, wikis go through many edits. You can compare any two versions of a wiki article to see what’s changed.

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Message received

Enable read tracking to ensure important information is acknowledged.

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Tag content and easily find articles from multiple wikis, spaces, or even content types to get a full view of a topic.

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Follow articles

Be alerted to changes and new comments. You can subscribe groups to important content, like your corporate policies, so when changes get made, you know that everyone got the memo.

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Wiki index

You can embed a mini version of your directory, so you have a handy alphabetical chart to choose from – like a quick list of all your customers.

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