Tasks feature screenshot

Who doesn’t love the feeling of crossing off a to-do list? You can multiply that feeling across all your projects with Igloo’s task management features and start to realize true productivity. Easily track to-dos, take-aways, action items, review cycles, or whatever it was that you got assigned in your last meeting. And watch your project managers rejoice.

task notifications screenshot


Get an email notification when you receive a task or the status changes. And, the user bar keeps a handy running total of all the tasks assigned to you.

private task screenshot

Keep it on the DL

When you mark a task as private, only you and the person it’s assigned to can see it. They can be used for things like confidential requests, or for tracking edits to publicly available content.

 Personal task list screenshot

Manage your to-do list

Your personal tasks are kept private. They’re great for remembering to file expense reports, book travel for a client meeting, or pick up pizza on your way home.

subtasks screenshot

A task within a task

Every task can be broken into subtasks to help break work up into smaller parts, or divide it between team members.

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