Spaces feature screenshot

Create areas for collaborating across teams, projects, departments, clubs, or committees. No matter what’s bringing you together, you can have one place to huddle up and get stuff done. And each space has its own navigation and permissions, so it’s like a mini-intranet inside your intranet. Tell us that’s not cute.

space template screenshot


Any space can be set as a reusable template. Use this feature to create consistency across your collaboration areas.

space permissions screenshot


Space administrators can set access rights, add or invite members, and assign them to specific groups.

Space editor screenshot

Personalize your space

Spaces can have any number of applications built in. You can even display content from other areas of the site or other apps you use.

Adding members to a space screenshot

Grow your team

Use spaces to foster almost any type of team collaboration, like committees and clubs. Finally, somewhere to germinate the Best Buds horticulture club.

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