Search feature screenshot

You know what’s the worst? Not being able to find something in your intranet. You just saw it, it was just there, but where is it now? All of your content, files, and profiles are searchable inside your Igloo, so you can find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds, and not have to bug your cubicle buddies for the eighth 
time today.

search everywhere screenshot

Know where to look

Use the "Search everywhere" field located in the user bar to get results from the entire site’s content.

area search screenshot

Get granular

You can place search fields on pages, spaces, wikis, or anywhere else that supports the use of widgets. Search fields can be configured to search specific areas, content types, or applications.

search permissions screenshot

For your eyes only

Search results are fully permissioned, so you only see the content you’re supposed to see.

people search screenshot

People filter

Locate people and expertise right from the top-level search. Once you find who you’re looking for, click on one of their skills or interests to find more people like them. #writersunite

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