Social newsfeed

Social Newsfeed

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A newsfeed (or what we call a microblog) is a virtual water cooler where people can stop by to post quick updates, funny stories, and kudos throughout the day. Break up your day with a sassy shout-out from the other side of the office, or a photo from your latest daddy-daughter date.

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Mention someone on your team in a post or reply. They’ll receive an email notification with a link to the content you want them to see.

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Make sense of it all

Replies are kept in-line with the original post, ensuring conversations stay together instead of a stream of disconnected thoughts.

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Links, images, and attachments

Embed links, images, and attachments into your updates. Send photos from the tradeshow, or link to your 96-page presentation for further reading.

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Update from wherever

Post an update from any page. You can even reference the current page you’re on – so you can share notes about the report you’re reading without losing your place.

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Conversations by topic

Create a corporate news channel for leader updates or a watercooler channel that everyone can post to – like if they brought in cake (some people are born winners).

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