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There’s no such thing as a dumb question or a bad idea, but sometimes it can be scary to speak up. A modern intranet provides a comfortable place for people to be curious and innovative. Active forums can unlock all the goodness residing in people’s heads so it’s all out in the open, for everyone to use. Start discussions, ask questions, and solve problems. Together.

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Like someone’s idea to let them (and everyone else) know you’re “picking up what they’re putting down.”

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Brainstorming or problem solving

Propose ideas, discuss alternatives, attach mockups, and vote on ideas. When an idea’s approved, mark it as concluded and add a link to the next steps.

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Search and sort

Forums are a great for managing requests. Find posts by status, like new or resolved, or ask your support team to search for all unresolved problems in the last three weeks.

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Take control

Sensitive topics or anonymous audience? Assign moderators to preview posts before they go live.

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