File Sharing

File Sharing

File sharing feature screenshot

Admit it. If folders could overflow, your desktop would be a puddle of files.
It doesn’t have to be that way. With Igloo, you can store all your documents in a
tidy view, and invite your team to review and edit the latest drafts without ever having to save or attach a file. So you can finally stop hoarding files – it's time to
set them free.

file versioning screenshot

The latest and greatest

Every document has built-in version control, so instead of searching through emails and attachments, you know you can find the latest on the document preview page.

follow a file screenshot

Regular updates

Follow a document to receive notifications when a new version is uploaded.

reserving a document screenshot

Document reservation

When you reserve a document, other members who view or download it will be automatically alerted that changes are being made.

preview a document screenshot

Do you see what I see?

Preview is available for almost 100 different file types (like, Word, PowerPoint, and Photoshop). That’s right, you can finally preview those Photoshop files from the Marketing team. #progress

sending files through email screenshot

Email files into your Igloo

Folders and subfolders have associated email addresses, so you can email a file from your mobile device directly into your Igloo.

desktop tool screenshot

It works both ways

With the Igloo Desktop Client, you can access files stored in your Igloo right from your desktop. And vice versa: you also have the ability to open, edit, and save files without ever leaving your Igloo.

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