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Calendars keep us organized and on time, and that’s a big part of being productive. You can set up a calendar for the whole company to stay up to date on events and meetings, or use a team calendar to keep track of deadlines and who’s on
vacation next. 

calendar invite screenshot

Get your schedules together

Invite people to events, whether they're in your Igloo or not. Plus, add your Igloo calendar as an attendee to events right from Outlook or Gmail.

RSVP to a calendar event screenshot


Create open events (like webinars), and allow people to RSVP. It’s more like an optional sign-up, rather than a meeting you feel obligated to attend.

follow a calendar screenshot

Follow calendars and events

Choose to be notified of any changes to events, like new comments or a change of venue.

calendar moderation screenshot


Managers can approve requests for vacation time before they appear in the corporate calendar.

calendar channels screenshot


Organize calendar entries into groups using color-coded channels (like marketing meetings, project updates, and personal appointments).

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