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Without good communication, everyone only "sort of" understands how their work contributes to the big picture. Blogs are the best tool for sharing news, leadership updates, and employee stories so everyone’s in the know. And, with the ability to add images, video, and social sharing, people won’t just be informed,
they’ll be entertained.

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Wizzy wig publishing

Write, format, and edit right in the browser using the WYSIWYG editor. And if you know your way around source code, go ahead… mess around.

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Be more specific

Blogs can be organized by audience or topic, so everyone can access the information that pertains to them, and you can have an organized set of blog channels behind the scenes.

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Moderated posts

Trust issues? New team? Moderated blogs allow you to review content before it goes live. You can edit posts or make recommendations in
the comments.

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Keep it together

Add comments to a blog post, and keep the conversation in one place (not scattered throughout your inbox). Plus, you can use ratings to see which posts resonate the most.

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Follow along

Receive instant notifications when articles are added or edited. Or, you can choose to receive updates daily, weekly, or monthly.

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