September 5, 2013

Enterprise Mobile Solutions – Igloo Software Reveals New SaaS Platform for Mobile Workers

By Adam Stephens

Daniel Brecht, contributing writer for Enterprise Mobile Solutions covers Igloo’s latest product release, Scone.

Igloo Software, a cloud intranet provider that runs a full service agency to provide an intranet solution that is both mobile and social, says it has an apt solution for those planning a new intranet or looking for a better way to collaborate and share files with employees, partners and customers, whatever the size of the business.
The company is not just another traditional enterprise software provider with a Web-based platform for collaborating at work and optimizing […]

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FierceContentManagement – New Igloo Uses Responsive Design To Display Documents On Any Device

By Adam Stephens

Ron Miller, editor for FierceContentManagement, recently covers Igloo’s latest product release, Scone.

Last week, Igloo, makers of a cloud-based social intranet, released a new version featuring responsive design, meaning when documents display, they adjust automatically to screen size, regardless of the device.

At the heart of the upgrade is a new document preview engine that allows users to upload and share documents on the platform. When people access the documents instead of downloading the document to whatever devices, they are using, the system displays a preview of it and adjusts automatically […]

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ITProPortal – Advice on social, mobile and cloud from Igloo

By Adam Stephens

Andrew Dixon recently sat down with ITProPortal where he discusses the social, mobile, cloud movement while also elaborating on what organizations should consider when they shop for a social business vendor.

Andrew Dixon is SVP of Marketing and Operations at Igloo who feature in our company spotlight for this episode of the ITProPortal podcast.  Andrew has a vast amount of experience in the professional IT industry having worked alongside Bill Gates at Microsoft. Here, he talks to us about their current offerings around social, mobile and cloud.
Andrew, start off then by introducing Igloo, who are […]

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August 27, 2013

Igloo Optimizes Intranet Platform for Mobile Workers

By Adam Stephens

August 27, 2013 – Igloo Software, a cloud intranet provider, today announced the next version of their Software as a Service platform – code named Scone, highlighted by the introduction of a new document preview engine.

Improvements bring richer experiences for BYOD environments with laptop, tablet, and mobile support enabling easier mobile collaboration.
Kitchener, ON – August 27, 2013
Igloo Software, a cloud intranet provider, today announced the next version of their Software as a Service platform – code named Scone, highlighted by the introduction of a new document preview engine. Igloo […]

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August 14, 2013

Benzinga – These Three Executives Say Cloud Software Will Reinvent Traditional Businesses

By Adam Stephens

Luke Jacobi, writer for Benzinga, recently featured Andrew Dixon, SVP of Igloo Software in his recent article where he discusses why more and more organizations are moving to the cloud.

In exclusive interviews with three leaders of the enterprise social network space, Benzinga got a unique look into the future of cloud technology.
Tony Zingale, CEO of Jive Software (NASDAQ: JIVE), Andrew Dixon, COO of Igloo Software and Craig Malloy, CEO of Bloomfire all gave their perspectives.
The Cloud is Now
All three executives made it clear the business are leaving bulky software platforms […]

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July 23, 2013

Benzinga – EXCLUSIVE: Igloo’s Andrew Dixon on Invading the Collaboration Market

By Adam Stephens

Andrew Dixon, SVP of Igloo Software recently spoke with Luke Jacobi, writer for Benzinga.
With the cloud growing in popularity, investors and consumers alike need to be aware of Igloo, a software company taking the business collaboration market by storm.
In an exclusive interview with Benzinga, Senior Vice President of Igloo Software and former Microsoft executive Andrew Dixon gave an inside look at his company.
“Igloo sets itself apart by building intranet solutions that are highly configurable,” said Andrew Dixon.
They’re similar to a company like Jive Software (NASDAQ: JIVE) except they differentiate […]

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July 17, 2013

ZDNet – ‘Complicated’ SharePoint loses out to Igloo for Children’s Hospital Foundation intranet

By Adam Stephens

Eileen Brown, social media consultant and writer for ZDNet recently covers why Children’s Hospital Foundation selected Igloo Software to power their corporate intranet.

An Enterprise solution like Microsoft’s SharePoint is easy to install. Easy that is, if you prepare your infrastructure appropriately. You need to prepare your administrative, domain and service accounts, set the SQL Server agent service account and configure the setup user account.
You then need to configure the SQL Server instances to listen on the correct port, configure the firewall and performance tune your Windows Server.
Finally you start the installation itself. […]

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July 16, 2013

Huffington Post – We’re Halfway Thru 2013 and Here’s the Latest on Social Business

By Adam Stephens

Beverly Macy, writer for Huffington Post, features CEO of Igloo Software, Dan Latendre in her recent piece where she explores the social business trends that have occurred in 2013 so far.

Big data, mobile, social — all in the cloud. That’s been the big buzz for the last year or so. Social Business is the next big thing — the Six Sigma of our time. Everyone’s on board — from IBM to Oracle to Cisco to to Igloo Software… everyone’s got a horse in the race.
Here’s where we are:
Social […]

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July 15, 2013

Cantech Letter – Waterloo’s Igloo Software helps coordinate Alberta flood relief

By Adam Stephens

Terry Dawes, editor of Cantech letter, recently features Igloo Software in his recent article where he explores how Igloo is powering

In a natural disaster, the effects on people’s homes and material lives is a bad enough result. Inevitably, though, a person will be even more affected by the loss of the ephemerals that constitute their lives: a picture, a musical instrument, some family memento.
As the city of Calgary struggles to reclaim its downtown, venues normally used by arts organizations will become crucial gathering points to foster the sense […]

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July 13, 2013

CITEworld – Employees clapped when they saw how this product let them work together

By Adam Stephens

Todd Weis, award-winning tech journalist for CITEworld, recently sat down with Ken Fonzi, associate director of online information systems at Children’s Hospital Foundation to learn how the foundation’s communication and collaboration improved since adopting Igloo Software.

For years, employees at the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Washington, D.C., worked on projects together using shared drives and folders to keep track of fundraising, special events and all of the other things they did to seek donations on behalf of the Children’s National Medical Center and its mission.
But that was limiting. The foundation’s […]

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July 11, 2013

Alberta Arts Sector Coordinates Flood Relief Efforts with Igloo Software

By Adam Stephens

July 11, 2013 – Igloo Software, a cloud intranet provider, today announced the launch of the AlbertaArtsRebuild intranet site in conjunction with Calgary Arts Development to aid in flood relief efforts.

Social intranet brings together 37 organizations in a virtual space across government, academia and the arts to accelerate the rebuilding effort in southern Alberta.
Kitchener, ON – July 11, 2013
Igloo Software, a cloud intranet provider, today announced the launch of the AlbertaArtsRebuild intranet site in conjunction with Calgary Arts Development. The pro bono project is designed to bring together 37 […]

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July 3, 2013

Forbes – Top 10 Reasons To Bring Social Collaboration To IT

By Adam Stephens

Sue Poremba, writer for Forbes, recently featured insights from Igloo’s SVP, Andrew Dixon, where he shares a reason why social collaboration should be brought to IT.

Many organizations talk about the need for improved social collaboration, but they don’t always understand what it means or how it can impact the company at large. The era of social business is here. Forward-thinking companies are embracing social technologies as a way to better align key parts of their organizations, and IT departments are driving a lot of these initiatives.
“Social collaboration offers individuals, project […]

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July 2, 2013

Ragan – 4 Features Every Social Intranet Should Have

By Adam Stephens

Kristin Piombino, recently covers the top 4 features every social intranet should have.

Is it easy for employees to comment or post information to your social intranet? If not, yours probably isn’t boosting efficiency as it should.
You probably already know it’s a good idea for companies to have social intranets.
In a time when many employees travel, work remotely, or are part of global brands, social intranets create sense of community and bring employees-and their knowledge-together.
A new white paper from Igloo Software (pdf) explains the benefits of a social intranet, as […]

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June 18, 2013

mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog – 7 Strategic CIO Priorities For 2013-2014

By Adam Stephens

Igloo’s SVP, Andrew Dixon, recently shares one of the strategic priorities CIO’s should consider for 2013-2014.

Modern IT departments have an amazing opportunity. The speed at which technology currently evolves combined with the rising importance of technology in the business puts IT departments in a prime position to impact their companies more than ever before.
Unfortunately, that’s not happening in most companies.
In fact, the research firm, Gartner, estimates that, “Enterprises realize on average only 43 percent of technology’s business potential.”
The big question: How can IT departments drive that number up?
If IT […]

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CMSWire – The Social Enterprise: Turning Business As We Know it Upside Down

By Adam Stephens

Igloo Senior Vice President, Andrew Dixon recently spoke with Christine Crandell where she explores how the social enterprise is a new paradigm for how societies interact, relate, create and exchange value.

For the social enterprise to work, most of what we think of as business needs to be turned on its head.

Social enterprise is a new paradigm for how societies interact, relate, create and exchange value. That’s right; I used the all but banned “P” word of the late 1990s. Paradigm  is a “framework of basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methods” […]

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June 12, 2013

BBC – Bees do it, so why can’t bee keepers and colleagues?

By Adam Stephens

Eric Barton recently featured Igloo Software in his recent article around effective collaboration.

Kim Flottum has two sides to his life, one where utter precision and extreme collaboration rule, and another where people just can’t get along.
In one, he’s an amateur beekeeper, with 10 hives in his Ohio garden. Bees speak to each other using pheromones, or chemicals that communicate when the hive is hungry or needs water or needs to produce more workers. Even individual hives work together, agreeing on what land to cover , never competing.
In the other, […]

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June 10, 2013

Ehealth Radio Network – Adopting a social business strategy that will drive patient engagement

By Adam Stephens

Andrew Dixon sits down with Eric Michaels where Andrew discusses the importance of adopting a social business strategy.

Andrew Dixon, the Senior Vice President at Igloo Software that offers a secure enterprise social platform organization that unites healthcare professionals, practitioners and patients so they can collaborate on ideas and keep information in one area joins eHealth Radio and the HealthCare and Technology Channels.
Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Andrew Dixon discuss the following:

Tell me a little about what Igloo does.
What exactly is “social business software” and how […]

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May 31, 2013

Intranets Today – Content and the Intranet: Make the Business Case to Management

By Adam Stephens

Manya Chylinski recently sat down with Kenneth Fonzi, Associate Director of Information Systems and Services at Children’s Hospital Foundation to learn why they turned down SharePoint & why they chose Igloo Software to power their corporate intranet.

When it comes to creating and sharing content, you know the power of an intranet and the benefits it brings to an organization. It enables your employees to find the content and contacts they need, to create and share information easily, and to interact with each other in brand-new ways. Whether your task […]

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April 29, 2013

CMSWire – Igloo Intranet Update Adds Responsive Design, Mobile Apps for On the Go Employees

By Adam Stephens

David Roe, senior reporter for CMSWire covers Igloo’s latest product release, Rockland.

The latest release from Igloo shows the company is thinking about the mobile worker. The Rockland update brings responsive design to mobile devices, and looks like it could solve some of the problems for those that regularly move between desktops and mobile.
Igloo Rockland, Igloo Mobile
According to Igloo, Rockland’s responsive design offers users a consistent intranet experience no matter what device they are working on so that none of the tools available to desktop users become obscured once accessed on mobile devices.
The switch […]

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April 25, 2013

Healthcare Intelligence Network – 2 Common Missteps of Healthcare Social Business Strategies

By Adam Stephens

Patricia Donavan recently spoke with Andrew Dixon, SVP of Igloo Software, where he explains the 2 common missteps of healthcare social business strategies.

Just because healthcare is deploying social business tools at an incredible rate – up to 72 percent of companies have launched social or mobile tools, according to a report from McKinsey – doesn’t mean they’re working.
The two most common errors companies make in this area are focusing on the technology before nailing down a complete strategy, and failing to measure results, explains Andrew Dixon, senior vice president […]

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